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Zachary Preciado is a composer, producer and animator. They were part of the Minecraft animation channel ZAMination (in which, ZAM stands for Zach and Micah), along with his brother Micah Preciado. He is also part of the EnchantedMob team, and worked on various aspects of Poppy Playtime, such as voice, music and storyline.


After establishing the animation company ZAMinations company alongside his brother, Micah Preciado. They would collaborate with EnchantedMOB and work together. EnchantedMOB will then work with Isaac Christopherson to create MOB Games and develop the hit-indie horror title: Poppy Playtime.

Relation to Poppy Playtime


Zachary was one of the many people to work on the storyline of Poppy Playtime.

Voice Acting

Zachary voice acted for the following characters

Voice Acting for Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze

Voice Acting for Chapter 2: Fly in a Web


Zachary was one of the people to work on animating characters, objects, etc.


Zachary worked on the soundtrack for the game, alongside with the audio engineering.


He has worked on the following songs for Poppy Playtime:

Soundtrack for Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze (2021)

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals DLC - Poppy Playtime Soundtrack (2022)

  • "No more Hugs (M&M Remix)" - Writing and Production
  • "Vent Chase (M&M Remix)" - Writing and production
  • "Defective Toys (M&M Remix)" - Writing and production
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