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The Warehouse (also known as the Make-A-Friend Warehouse) is an area in the Playtime Co. factory. It is situated next to the Make-A-Friend area, and stores toys and toy parts.


In the warehouse, you can find multiple boxes laying around the room alongside with a bunch of shelves. There are toy parts strewn about, with blood near almost all of them. There is also a red hand being held by a sort of machinery. When you go to the balcony for the second time, Huggy Wuggy can be seen peaking from the conveyer that leads into the room from above. Your objective here is to find the four power sources that can randomly spawn anywhere. Alongside with that, you can find a Yellow VHS Tape called "Security Camera: Rich and Avery" Once you find all the power sources and put all the batteries in their respective place above, a crane will pick up the Red Hand and drop it down below. This red hand will allow you to enter the Ventilation System.


  • The Warehouse seems to be linked with the Make-A-Friend section, as multiple baby dolls and Cat-Bees, and their parts can be seen scattered around.
  • It was shown it's name is Warehouse because above the door where Huggy Wuggy's arm slithers it says "Bay 02"



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