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Wack-a-Wuggy [sic] is a minigame in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web, located in the Game Station.


In the Wack-a-Wuggy, the floor is covered in what appears to be sand, along with multiple drawings of colorful buildings on the walls. There are 18 holes in the walls, in which Mini Huggies come out of. The lighting is dim on the holes. Above the area, there is a observation room with a big window, in which Mommy Long Legs talks to the player from.


The game is completed by hitting all the Mini Huggies using the GrabPack until the round is over. The purpose of this game is to test the reaction time (in children/adults), which the Player must use in order to beat the it. The player must hit the Mini Huggies with their GrabPack to make them go back into their hole to avoid (in their case) death. More Mini Huggies spawn over time. This game lasts less than a minute to beat. Upon failing the game, the player gets a jumpscare, and upon completing, the game ends.



  • It's speculated that Mommy Long Legs removed the strings attached to the Mini Huggies in order for them to attack The Player.
  • Although the game is titled "Wack-a-Wuggy", the correct name would be "Whack-a-Wuggy", as the word whack is a noun that means a hit, and a verb which means to hit, while wack is a slang adjective which means unusual or bad (Reference needed).


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