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This article is about the VHS tape. You may have been looking for the song of the same name.

Vintage Poppy Commercial (also known as The Most Incredible Doll on the MOB Games YouTube channel or simply as Yellow VHS Tape) is a VHS tape that contains an advertisement for Poppy Playtime and Playtime Co. factory tours.


Vintage Poppy Commercial
BPM: 129
Audio Length: 2:03

Elliot Ludwig:

"You are about to see the most incredible doll ever invented. Her name is Poppy, and she is the first truly intelligent doll in the world. A little girl can talk to her, Poppy gives her answers. She is the first doll actually able to have a conversation with a child. Hard to believe? Just watch."

Group of children; in unison:

"Poppy Playtime!"

Female narrator

"Poppy's as lovable as a real girl, and she talks like one, too!"


"Hi! My name is Poppy! I love you. Can you help me polish my shoes?"

Female narrator:

"Why, of course Poppy! Just like a real girl, Poppy always wants to look her best."


"Perfect! Thank you."

Female narrator:

"Her hair is sturdy and won't come out when you brush it, and smells just like a poppy flower! Is there anything else you'd like to say, Poppy?"


"I'm a real girl, just like you."

Female narrator:

"What's the time?"

Group of children; in unison:


Male narrator:

"And, if you've ever wanted to see how all of the nation's favourite toys were created, Playtime Co. is now offering factory tours at just $2.99 a person. An entire hour in the most magical toy factory on Earth. What are you waiting for? Come visit the factory! We can't-"




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