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Just your average teen messing around on the internet and doing her thing. I go by She/Her.

I'm one of the first admin of this wiki. I prominently do inspections around the wiki to see if anyone violates any rules, confront them, and ban them if a consensus is impossible to reach. So, like a rule overseer. I also make text assets, such as the wiki logo at the top left corner of this fandom page (one of the main factors I was appointed admin), the "Location", "Character", "Chapters", and "Items" asset at the home page.

I like eating, unsurprisingly. My palette leans towards european and japanese cuisine, but I'd still eat other types of food. I have alot of favourites, but one that I never got bored of


I don't have an online one, but if we're talking about my real life physique, then it's not to be disclosed.


Some of you are aware of this already, but in the online community, I'm a stoic, no-nonsense kind of person. I hate meaningless conversations and much rather talk about something worthy, I dislike people who come to my social media account / message wall and just say "Hi" or "Hey!" without disclosing anything important, I hate it because it wastes my time, it clogs my notification list, and overall a nuisance. If you get on my good side, however, you STAY on my good side (unless you do something stupid).

Social medias

Instagram : @Little_Noire

Discord : Noire #5123

Twitter : Checking soon


  • I'm the third admin ever of this community, just after Fennec and City.
  • I'm the rule overseer and asset creator of the fandom pages.
  • I actually like to eat alot, my palette leans towards the european and japanese cuisine.
    • I have a lot of favourites, but one that I never seem to get bored of is Japanese Curry, topped with fried chicken cutlet and omelette.
  • While the team already kept track of their contribution and behaviour and acknowledged them as a candidate, I was the one who actively recruited Colossal into our team.