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❛❛Watch my step, hold my breath, avoiding my death. How entertaining!❜❜
- From Poison Blooms by CG5
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Hello there, I am Colossal, but you may also choose to call me Mallows. I also go by other nicknames, the most common apart from those previously mentioned being "Wonders". I go by any pronouns. At the moment, my favorite character in Poppy Playtime is Barry Cat-Bee.

I'm an admin/moderator on here who typically stalks threads and discussions. (I was promoted on December 2, 2021.) Most of my activity is focused on fixing pages (formats, errors in coding, grammar, etc.) as well as monitoring behavior via discussions and comments. I am one of the "rule enforcers" of the wiki (as Noire likes to call it) alongside Noire, and we can deal out punishments to any misbehaving users. If you are going to report something to me, please make sure to put it in the heading of the message. I try to check my message wall at least once a day for important messages - casual conversations might be put off a day or two. If I am not online, you can try to reach out to any of the other staff. I am typically online from 8pm - 7am EST.

Blocking is also where I feel I specialize in. I've moderated other wikis in the past, and am therefore familiar with a lot of blocking policies, as well as Fandom's TOS. If you think you've been blocked unfairly, feel free to contact me (via Discord or Community Central) and I can look into it and take action when needed.

I know how to do basic wikitext. My profile was coded by me. You can head to me for any questions on coding and I can try to answer it. I know basic javascript and can answer basic questions, but please do note that I do not take any coding requests. Regarding page editing, I am also a decent editor, but I just do not edit much due to my "lack" of knowledge on the game (as I am only familiar with basics). If you need me to import any scripts that you'd like to use, simply ask. You can also go to other staff such as City or Country for any inquiries in terms of editing, as they are also skilled in this field.

I have several interests: mainly roleplay, There Is No Game, Bendy, Fandroid, and of course, Poppy Playtime. I'm an aspiring artist and writer, so you might see my writing here and there, and perhaps fanart every blue moon.

I'm definitely open to making friends, so feel free to drop a message on my wall! I don't bite, but I may bark at times. But I promise that my loud voice typically doesn't cause any harm. Be it reports or just for casual chatter, I won't mind! Also, feel free to check out my carrd to learn a bit more about me.

Oh, and I'm a light mode user. I know, I'm weird.


Discord: Colossal#9635
AO3: Colossal


Coding: Colossal Wonders
Art: @dxliey
Proof of Permission: Screenshots