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Hello there, i'm Ciity, commonly referred too as City and formally referred to as UnknownManThatLikesStuff. I am a bureaucrat alongside Noire073, and top editor for the wiki. If you have any problems, come to my message wall!


I am a gamer, I have been in the indie-horror game community ever since it blew up with Five Night's at Freddy's. FNAF was my first indie-game I ever was apart of. I did like BATIM although never got into it. I may get into it now, Friday Night Funkin: Indie Cross really got me into it.

I've been on the wiki ever since the start, and I've had fun here. I first discovered Poppy Playtime before it was popular, when Coryxkenshin played it days before it blew up. I instantly feel in love with the game as I love indie games. I, also, was a massive FANDOM geek editing on my wiki. That wiki being the Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 Wiki, which I have abandoned.

At the time and I wanted to create a Poppy Playtime Wiki, and I researched a Poppy Playtime Wiki to see if anyone else had the same idea as me. There was a wiki, but it had no owner. I then met FennecAlicorn in the threads, and she had the idea to create her own Poppy Playtime Wiki. I offered to help, and here I am! Us and all the mods contributed and created this wiki! I thank everyone for their contributions even if its the slightest of changes.



8:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST. Sometimes even later. I'll normally respond to your message on my message wall in 5-30 minutes on average.


I don't have a specific schedule for weekends. I still check up on the wiki often, answer questions on my message wall, and moderate. If you want a faster response from me, I recommend telling you your problem/proposition in my Discord DMs (Direct Messages).


  • |I've been on the wiki for .
  • I normally torture ItzCountryballs by making him go through the games files for lore, high-quality stuff for the wiki, etc.
  • I have a sandbox.
    • I normally edit on there to make huge changes to pages. If you want to see what I am/was working on, you can always go check that out.
  • To those who are wondering, yes, I did take inspiration from Colossal to make this. Specifically the large text.


  • DISCORD: City#8926