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Cassie.png Contains deleted/unused/discontinued information.

This article contains information that has been discontinued, deleted, and/or unused by MOB games. Please keep in mind what that you are about to see is content that is unused.

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This article may contain information that is disturbing or triggering for some audiences. Please proceed with caution!

Reason: The doll assembly room may contain doll heads that look disturbing.

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This article includes information that has been theorized by fans. It is not canon nor confirmed if the information on this page will be official!

Reason: Theory regarding the Testing room.

This page is a list of unused content found in Poppy Playtime. This includes content that has been removed, changed or left unreleased.

Unused Assets

Image Description Type
PlaytimeLogoOutsideFactory.png A unseen model of the Playtime Co. logo outside the entrance of the Factory. Model
UnknownPaintingsBelow.png The unseen frames below the Security room and Poppy's poster. It creepily shows presumely the developers' faces or the Playtime Co. employees. Model
CafeteriaEmptyRoom.png A empty room of the Cafeteria in the Playtime Area. Room
TestingEmptyRoom.png A empty room of the Testing Room in the Playtime Area. The room also seems to be filled with a red-themed light source, hinting at the fact that it was possibly a testing area for toy productions, but then it was likely transformed into a laboratory to create the experiments. This is all speculation though, none of this has been confirmed. Room
TheaterEmptyRoom.png A empty room of the Theater in the Playtime Area. Curiously, The Theater is larger than the other 2 rooms, possibly hinting at the fact that this room was at the very least in early development stages. Interestingly, the door to the Theater is seen possibly open in the Chapter 2 Trailer. Room
UnusedGlassStand?.png A unseen model of the Glass Stand below the room where you get the Red Hand for your GrabPack. Model
UnusedRoom1.png A unused room that was most likely to be planned to be the final room after Huggy Wuggy chases you. Upon entering the unused room, There is a cutscene of the player shutting down the door. The room contains what it looks like to be bookshelves, a desk, and a chair, However, one of those bookshelves are fake. It leads to a staircase where you enter a unused version of Poppy's Room. Room
UnusedStaircase1.png A unused staircase after you leave the Unused Room. If you walk down the staircase, You can enter the unused version of Poppy's Room. Room
UnusedPoppyRoomHallway.png The unused version of the hallway leading to Poppy's Room. Room
UnusedPoppyRoom1.png The unused version of Poppy's Room. Instead of Poppy Playtime being in a glass box, She's instead in a blue cloth hanged up from the ceiling. Room
HuggyUnusedJumpscareArea.png The unused version of the area where Huggy Wuggy jumpscares you. This is also where the old model of Huggy Wuggy is in. Room
UnusedOfficeRoom1.png A large unused room of what it looks like to be a office. Room
UnusedOfficeDeskRoom.png A unused room with a office desk and a chair on it. Room
UnusedOfficeRoom2.png A large unused room of what it looks like to be a office lobby or a office desk for Leith Pierre or Elliot Ludwig. Room
UnusedOfficeBathroom.png A unused room with what it looks like to be a bathroom. Shockingly, The colored doors on the bathroom are actually the color code for the Security room. Room
UnusedDollRoom1.png A unused room with what it looks like to be a doll assembly room. This room can be seen from the Vintage Poppy Commercial VHS Tape/Intro cutscene of the game. This room is surprisingly disturbing. Room
A unused room behind the door with the sign that says Stairway to Hell. This room could have been unused because it might convince players that they have the right path but dies anyways, or they fall and actually live but be stuck there. Room


An old synopsis teased by the developers planned for the game. Its most likely work similar to the start screen when starting Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. Storyline
UnusedLobby.png The BETA version of the Main Entrance that went unused. Room
LofiPlaytimeArea.webp The BETA version of the Playtime Area that went unused. Room
LofiGrabPack.webp The BETA version of the Security room that went unused. Room
OutsideFactory.webp You were originally intended to enter the Playtime Co. Factory by opening the door outside it. This has been scrapped for some reason. Room
ErectGrabPack.webp The BETA version of the GrabPack's length mechanic. Instead of text, only a circle indicator is currently used today. Mechanic
DaisyHD.png Learn more about Daisy's marionette model in here. Character


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