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The Transfer Request is an item found in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It is found on the control panel in Water Treatment. It serves no purpose in completing the game, however, it may be linked to a part of the lore.


The Transfer Request is a filled in form with a red background. The form reads as below:

- Transfer Request -

Experiment 1222 - 'Mommy Long-Legs'
Subject - Marie Payne


Mommy Long-Legs has the unique ability to stretch any of her limbs for several hundred feet. This includes her fingers, arms, hair, neck, waist, and legs. She's very hostile towards the staff, but is very motherly and acts warmly towards the other experiments. She is protective of them.


The hostility is quickly becoming problematic, but perhaps there is a solution to put her in her place.


Mommy Long-Legs would be perfect for facilitating everything with the children in the game station. She has the warmth that a mother should, and any rowdy child can learn to 'listen to their mother.' It makes sense that her seeing these children daily would improve her behavior, and it is very unlikely she will act out in front of the children. Have her transferred to High Security Maintenance immediately. Conditioning can begin.


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