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Reason: Third piece is randomized.

The Train Code is one of the main utilities in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It is required to power the train in the Game Station in order to escape the factory.


The Train Code is a piece of paper that is ripped in three pieces.

The first piece of the train code has four symbols: Bunzo Bunny, Kissy Missy, Cat-Bee, and Mommy Long Legs. The symbols need to appear in this order, not be pressed in this order. The player may need to hit the redo button on the panel that will shuffle the order of the symbols.

The second part of the code is 4 colors: Red, Yellow, Red, and Blue. These colors will change the color of the symbols. For example, Bunzo will be red.

The third part of the code is a 4-number sequence, for example 4213. This is the order of which the symbols need to be pressed. This piece is randomized per playthrough, meaning it isn't always the same code. If the player follows the code correctly, the buttons will turn green and they can power on the train.


In order to obtain all three pieces of the Train Code, the player must follow Mommy Long Legs' instructions and play three mini-games: Musical Memory, Wack-a-Wuggy, and Statues. Completing the first two mini-games will result in Mommy Long Legs granting a piece as a reward. The third piece is obtained after killing Mommy Long Legs and rescuing Poppy.

Randomized Train Codes


  • If the player remembers the code and has the green hand on their GrabPack, it is possible to enter the train and attempt to enter the code early. However, since the number sequence of piece 3 is randomized, the code will not be exactly the same every time.
    • If the player guesses the code correctly despite this, then the chapter will end as it usually would. Poppy will still say her end-of-chapter monologue, despite not being rescued.


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