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This article may have information that contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime. Please read at your own discretion!

The Train is a vehicle found in the Game Station of the Playtime Co. factory. It debuted in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It is used by The Player and Poppy Playtime to escape from the factory at the end of Chapter 2, although this failed.


The train has rows of round gold-colored wheels on which sits multiple multicolored train cars, giving a noticeable appearance to children in the Game Station. It also has two eyes sticking out of either side of the locomotive front, held up by curly metal coils and fitted into metal eye sockets which give them a sad and droopy appearance. The train doors are unlocked by using the green GrabPack hand. Starting the train requires obtaining all pieces of the Train Code and entering it correctly, which are found and gotten throughout the natural course of the game. The engine's basis is the C&ARR John Stevens 6-2-0.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

The Player enters the Train Code correctly and boards the Train. As it starts to move, Poppy monologues about how she 'can't let you leave', seemingly 'betraying' The Player by changing the Train's direction, but is abruptly cut off before the Train starts to accelerate alarmingly, gaining speed that it can no longer handle. This causes the Train to later crash and derail, and fall on its side.


  • Despite the Train being a 6-2-0 model, the churning rods are on the pilot bogie rather than the driving-axle.
  • The Train in the Chapter 2 Trailer had no green hand door, and there was no platform to get up to the train.
    • This is probably due to most of the trailer being in BETA.
  • When the Train started speeding, it itself is not moving, but the entire tunnel is constantly generating more parts to accommodate the speed.
    • This causes a large model to move around through the map, invading on space and may cause lags and crashes.
    • It is presumed to have crashed at or near Playcare.


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