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The Prototype

In relation: Experiment 1-0-0-6. The Prototype. Coordination and cooperation is evidently within his skillset, as well as the skillset of all other experiments of his type. Though still missing, today's events are no doubt in relation to him. His absence was a flawed scientific process which should have under no circumstances been left unaccounted for.
The Scientist describing the Prototype

The Prototype (also known as Experiment 1006 or Claw in his plaque form) is a mysterious entity mentioned within two VHS Tapes. No information is currently known about The Prototype's main appearance or motives, but he is presumed to be the main antagonist of Poppy Playtime.


While his main appearance remains mostly unknown, his arm has been seen. It is a robotic arm with red wires and a hand with long, sharp needle fingers, resembling a claw. He also seems to have a human radius and ulna attached to his forearm for additional support.


The Prototype has been described as though he actually wants to commit violence. He has also been confirmed to 'possess an unprecedented level of intelligence', being able to combine basic objects and wreaking havoc around the factory. A scientist explained, in one of the VHS Tapes, that The Prototype had managed to construct a laser pointer, and tried to escape by using said laser pointer on the camera in his chamber, then hiding in the camera's blind spot whilst the camera was being fixed.

It is theorized that The Prototype takes parts of other toys around the factory and makes them a part of him, most likely to strengthen himself and help him achieve his motives, though said motives are currently unknown.

In the Chapter 1 Trailer's background, flashing messages state that The Prototype 'finds no necessity for sustenance (unlike the others)'. This, coupled with the Scientist's description from Log 08502, confirms that The Prototype is highly violent for no apparent reason.

As his claw appears immediately to take the torso of Mommy Long Legs after her death, and the door then opens for The Player with no other hostility, it is possible that The Prototype is 'helping' The Player progress through the factory in order to use The Player to kill the other experiments for himself to assimilate. This suggests an uncanny knack for manipulation, planning, prediction, and a conniving personality.



Little is known about The Prototype. To guess by his name and the flashing messages from the Chapter 1 Trailer, he is the first experiment and prime example for 'the type of vessel which (we) are trying to create'. The Prototype likely had the optimal 'vessel' of a living organic experiment, of which he was serviceable as a crucial example for 'the others', presumably the other experiments.

The Prototype was kept in his chamber, monitored at all times. However, one day, he created a laser pointer from the digital alarm clock in his room, fired it at the camera and disabled it for 28.3 seconds. Upon which he hid in a blind spot, forcing a surveillance specialist to come in. He tried to escape through the door but was re-locked before he could. He apparently killed the specialist who was trapped inside, as 'one casualty occurred'.

Hearing from The Experiment 1006 VHS Tape from Chapter 1, he managed to escape and go missing. He also caused some unknown 'events' to happen, which is presumed to be a massacre by the sounds of screaming, pounding, something running around in the vents, and the cutting off and supposed death of the scientist recording the tape.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

After Mommy Long Legs was killed by the grinder and her torso was severed and fell to the ground, The Prototype's claw appeared from under the half-closed door to the left. He reached out and took Mommy's torso away, dragging it away back under the door. After this, he isn’t seen again.

The sound made as The Prototype drags Mommy's severed torso into the darkness.


  • With the initial release of Chapter 1, players theorized that The Prototype was Huggy Wuggy.
  • The Prototype is featured as one of the collectible trophies for players to get.
    • Instead of the name "Prototype" or "Experiment 1006", however, the trophy of him is named as "Claw" instead.
  • People theorize that the hand at the end of Chapter 2 is The Prototype's hand, since it matches the hand image on the VCR Player whenever the tape talks about the Prototype.
  • A human bone can be seen tangled in the wires of the hand, showing that The Prototype was once human or that it took a human bone from one of the Employees.
    • It could likely have been taken from those he killed, as when Mommy Long Legs was being crushed to death in the grinder, she screamed that 'He'll make her part of him.' This suggests that he's taking parts of toys and humans and making them part of his body.
    • And given how Mommy states it, it is implied that toys merged with him are fully aware of what is going on around them.
  • A number of death screen messages mention the Prototype.
    • From Chapter 1, 'Exp. 1006. Isn't he wonderful?'.
    • From Chapter 2, 'The Prototype has saved us! Isn't he wonderful?'.
    • Another from Chapter 2, 'HE IS LOOSE. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN'.
  • The numbering of the experiments suggests that the Prototype was created before Huggy Wuggy (Experiment 1170) and Mommy Long Legs (Experiment 1222), but after the failed experiment on a rat (Experiment 814).
    • This, along with his name, suggests that The Prototype may have been the first successful living organic experiment.
  • The appearance of this claw may or may not be a reference to the movie Coraline.
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