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The Prototype

The Prototype: I... possess... a question.
Harley Sawyer: Go ahead...
The Prototype: Do you feel anything?
Harley Sawyer: This question referring to what, exactly?
The Prototype: You stick us... Beat us... Tear at flesh... Do you feel it?

Log 24459 (excerpt), Poppy Playtime Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep"

The Prototype, also known as Experiment 1006 or The Claw, is the overarching antagonist of Poppy Playtime. He made his debut in Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze". He was one of the first successful experiments conducted by Playtime Co. in an attempt to create the ideal experiment for the Bigger Bodies Initiative.

It is said that The Prototype was responsible for The Hour of Joy, a factory-wide incident which took place in Playtime Co. factory, resulting in countless deaths and the company subjected to abandon all their works while their factory was overrun by savage toys, all which were influenced by The Prototype's high authority and unintended capabilities.

Throughout each chapter, The Prototype makes many appearances, primarily during the ending segments of them. In Chapter 1, it was said that The Hour of Joy must be his doing. In Chapter 2, The Prototype drags Mommy Long Legs' lifeless body. Finally, The Prototype makes an appearance during CatNap's hallucination sequence and after the CatNap boss fight.


The Prototype's true form is yet to be revealed, though CatNap's shrine seems to give an idea to his overall appearance. His only known body part is his arm. His hand resemble slender silver pins that appear adept at a large array of movements. Although his fingers appear fragile, they can effortlessly puncture through flesh with unnerving smoothness. His upper arm is adorned with red wires and metallic components, while the forearm houses human bone.


The Prototype exhibits a personality solely built upon his hatred and wishes for the downfall of Playtime Co. He is cunning, stubborn, and rarely displays sarcasm. In a conversation with Harley Sawyer during Log 24459, The Prototype's voice is heard for the first time, as he mockingly replays the voices of various employees like Stella Greyber. He engages in a monologue about his motivations, questioning Harley Sawyer's thoughts on the effects of the Bigger Bodies Initiative and the treatment of experiments. After Sawyer comments on learning something new about The Prototype at each meeting, he sarcastically thanks Harley and repeats his words back at him.

The Prototype is manipulative, telling Theodore Grambell how to get a GrabPack despite knowing his young age and inexperience. He also seems careless, using the experiments as pawns for his reign of terror, particularly evident in the RESTRICTED tapes. These tapes depict toys being taken over by The Prototype, aiming to sabotage their attempts at progress and transportation of their experiments. The most notable example is Huggy Wuggy, whom The Prototype ordered to flee the Playtime Co. factory. As soon as Huggy Wuggy ran too far out, he began simply roaming the woods and only attacking employees after being aggravated.

There is only one instance where he seemed to care for another. After Theodore was electrocuted, the Prototype gave up its chance at freedom to save the boy, bringing him to a scientist for medical aid. This may likely be another case of manipulation, since Theodore, as CatNap, would feel indebted to the Prototype and follow him around whenever he was present, despite the Prototype largely ignoring him.



Little is known about the Prototype other then it was the ideal vessel or result Playtime Co. expected for its Bigger Bodies Initiative going forward. Presumably, Experiment 1006 was the first experiment to be sentient after the companies attempts at replicating Elliot Ludwig's attempts at post-mortem vessels to possess. The Prototype was also stated to be an outlier with their other experiments, as he was stated to not require any substance or food for survival. These findings were one of many that employees, primarily Harley Sawyer, enjoyed perceiving. It was stated that The Prototype shows a new trait of himself during every session, being an interesting figure to examine.

Scientific Logs[]


The Prototype as seen during the Final Log.

During one session, specifically during Log 24459, The Prototype converses with Harley Sawyer, questioning if any employees felt remorse for the experiments, asking why they "stick...beat...[and] tear at [their] flesh." Harley Sawyer cleverly retorted, challenging The Prototype and pointing out how he continuously uncovers new aspects about him in each session. The Prototype thanked Harley before mocking him once more, remarking how he too learns something from Harley every day in Harley's own voice.

In another session, during Log 08502, the familiar Scientist recounts an incident relating to The Prototype. It is stated that 1006 was primarily kept in his chamber, monitored at all times. However, one day, he created a laser pointer from the digital alarm clock in his room, fired it at the camera and disabled it for 28.3 seconds. Upon which he hid in a blind spot, forcing a surveillance specialist to come in. He tried to escape through the door but was re-locked before he could. He apparently killed the specialist who was trapped inside, as 'one casualty occurred.'

Theodore Grambell[]

In 1989[1], The Prototype escaped confinement and hid inside Playcare, recruiting a troubled orphan named Theodore Grambell to his cause. He frequently encouraged the young boy to sabotage Playtime Co., but to no avail. Their friendship became notorious amongst the staff, who at first believed that the boy's "friend" was imaginary.

One day, Theodore received instructions from 1006 to open a maintenance door in Playcare using two stolen GrabPack 2.0s and a Green GrabPack Hand, with the intention of either allowing the orphans to escape or allowing himself to escape. But due to his young age and lack of expertise, Theodore overcharged the Green GrabPack Hand[2], electrocuting himself and requiring immediate medical attention. Though they opened the door, The Prototype chose to sacrifice his freedom to save Theodore. He brought the wounded boy to Thomas Clarke's office, the latter spotting him, before he was recaptured by Security.

Two years later, 1006 reunited with Theodore Grambell, who had now become CatNap. During their time together, CatNap followed The Prototype around "like a lost puppy," as stated by Leith Pierre, with 1006 seemingly ignoring him.


On June 18th, 1992, Huggy Wuggy was influenced by The Prototype and instructed to leave the Playtime Co. factory. Without any warning, Huggy Wuggy hastily exited the facility through an open bay delivery door. Huggy Wuggy oddly did not display any hostile behavior during his escape, merely running out of the building before being captured on surveillance footage wandering in the forest. Upon encountering employees who started firing darts at him, Huggy Wuggy, although not under The Prototype's direct control, perceived their presence as a threat and attacked them. This led to the death of nearly 11 employees, with 6 others reported missing.

The Hour of Joy[]

Experiment 1-0-0-6. The Prototype. Coordination and cooperation is evidently within his skillset, as well as the skillset of all other experiments of his type. Though still missing, today's events are no doubt in relation to him. His absence was a flaw in the scientific process, which should have under no circumstances been left unaccounted for.
The Scientist's description of the Prototype.


The beginning of The Hour of Joy, starting with Huggy Wuggy in the Main Lobby.

In an unspecified time during the 1990s, The Prototype was declared missing. In one VHS Tape, Marcas Brickley Reprimanding, it was stated that a figure with "fifty feet and a thousand legs" stole a mop handle which, while it may imply that this figure was PJ Pug-a-Pillar, the motivations to steal such item is unclear, leading to the idea that it was the Prototype.

During this time of freedom, 1006 took over the Playtime Co. factory on August 8th, 1995. This event, known as "The Hour of Joy," involved a large-scale massacre and jailbreak against all humans present in the factory. While the employees were focused on transporting Kissy Missy to Playcare, the Bigger Bodies experiments began a rebellion as they mindlessly slaughtered all adults and scientists all while under the influence of The Prototype. According to Poppy, the bodies were concealed, and the toys ultimately fed on them. However, as the human supply diminished, the toys started betraying one another in an effort to secure the remaining food resource.

Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web"[]

After Mommy Long Legs was killed by the grinder and her severed torso fell to the ground, The Prototype's claw appeared from under the half-closed door to the left. He reached out and took Mommy's torso away, dragging it away back under the door. After this, he isn’t seen again for the rest of the chapter.

Project: Playtime[]

ElliotLudwigMerchWebsite Each answer was different... and I could perhaps see some little truth in each.

This article includes information that has been theorized by fans. It is not canon nor confirmed if the information on this page will be/is official!

Reason: It's unknown if The Prototype did indeed make an appearance in Project: Playtime, although it is implied.

The others are hungry. The others are starving. GET UP.
Presumed Prototype to Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtime.

While he doesn’t make a physical appearance, his hand is one of the GrabPack Skins in Project: Playtime. It has been theorized that he is the one that instructs the monsters during their tutorial.

Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep"[]

The Prototype has a strong presence throughout the chapter.

When Ollie talks to The Player about Playcare, he says that the new antagonist, CatNap, has overtaken Playcare and dedicated it as a "church" to the Prototype. Poppy explains later that it was the Prototype that was responsible for the needless slaughter of so many people, saying that she intentionally stopped The Player from leaving in the first place since she needed them to destroy him. When sneaking through the Caverns, The Player spots CatNap worshipping a shrine built seemingly after the likeness of the Prototype. In the Playhouse, DogDay further elaborates on CatNap's reverence of the Prototype.

CatNap sees the Prototype as his god and that any who oppose it are labelled as heretics, with DogDay and the rest of the Smiling Critters being among them. Many toys would be killed, forcing the rest of them into submission to the Prototype, and DogDay is cruelly tortured for his rejection of the Prototype's control. Exiting the Playhouse, Ollie corresponds DogDay's story, saying that before CatNap was CatNap, the Prototype saved his life. This led to CatNap seeing the Prototype as the saviour for all the toys in Playtime Co.

As The Player sneaks through the Counsellor's Office, CatNap attacks them and sends them into another dream. Just before the dream ends, the Prototype's hand reaches through the open roof of the Main Lobby. At the end of the boss-fight against CatNap and his electrocution, the Prototype's arm appears, seemingly to offer aid to the stricken CatNap. However, as CatNap submits to the Prototype again, his hand impales CatNap through the mouth and drags him away. Returning to the Gas Production Zone, Poppy explains that it was the Prototype that orchestrated The Hour of Joy, and that he was the one to put her in the case from Chapter 1. In that time, she could hear the screams of the slaughtered around her, and so chose to formulate a plan to destroy the Prototype with The Player's help. As they descend on the elevator, Kissy is attacked, and the seal above the lift closes down on them.

Abilities and Anatomy[]

The Prototype possesses the ability to replay any piece of conversation that he hears. During his conversation with Harley Sawyer, multiple voices are heard when he speaks; however, it's unclear if his grafting habits are the cause.


  • With the initial release of Chapter 1, it was theorized that The Prototype was Huggy Wuggy.
  • Two human bones can be seen tangled in the wires of the hand, showing that The Prototype was once human or that it took bones from one of the employees.
    • They could likely have been taken from those he killed, as when Mommy Long Legs was being crushed to death in the grinder, she screamed that "He'll make me part of him." This suggests that he takes parts of toys and humans and grafts them to his body.
    • Given how Mommy states it, it is implied that toys are fully aware of what is going on in the factory.
    • The two bones, called an ulna and a radius, are found in the forearm.
  • A number of death screen messages mention The Prototype.
    • From Chapter 1, 'Exp. 1006. Isn't he wonderful?'.
    • From Chapter 2, 'The Prototype has saved us! Isn't he wonderful?', 'HE IS LOOSE. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN', 'INNOVATION IS KEY. MAY WE FORGET DEATH.', and 'ɛ̃ᴜãŋ 'ɔ̃ã ᴜæɔ̃ɛ̃ ᴜæɚ̀ioŋ. (They're hurt, hungry.) GET UP.'
    • From Chapter 3, 'Bow to the Prototype. Isn't he wonderful?'
  • The numbering of the experiments suggests that The Prototype was created before Huggy Wuggy (Experiment 1170) and Mommy Long Legs (Experiment 1222), but after the failed experiment on a rat (Experiment 814).
    • This, along with his name, suggests that The Prototype may have been the second successful living organic experiment (the first being Poppy Playtime).
  • In Project: Playtime, a mysterious voice instructs Huggy Wuggy on what he needs to do to stop the survivors. Judging by its tone and mannerisms and the use of the arch words "Get Up", it is heavily implied that this voice belongs to The Prototype.
  • The appearance of his hand may be a reference to the hand of the Other Mother from the film Coraline.[3]
  • It is speculated that The Prototype was trying to save the kids and experiments from Playtime Co.
    • This was backed up by one of the VHS tapes in Chapter 1 saying: "Coordination and cooperation is in his skillset."
    • It is also speculated that The Prototype is Elliot Ludwig, protecting those he had failed by fighting back against Harley Sawyer.[4]
    • However, the mindless slaughter of both the innocent and the guilty during The Hour of Joy, puts this into question.
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