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Stella Greyber

Stella Greyber (misspelt as Stella Graybur on the Pink VHS Tape) is a character introduced in Poppy Playtime. She debuted in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze as a potential Playtime Co. employee, and was confirmed to have been hired in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web where she most likely worked in the Game Station as she was the intercom voice whenever the Player pulled a lever to open each of the games after completing one/starting them.


Little is known about Stella Greyber, but her unique dutch accent[1] in one of the VHS tapes has been confirmed to be Dutch-American by her voice actor, which supports the unique lilt heard in her accent.


Stella appears to have a very friendly and bubbly personality, and seems to be an adult that felt like she never grew up. She gets caught up in the idea of how nobody truly feels like an adult, and that childhood feels permanent. She wishes to have the innocence she once had as a young girl, and would like to contribute to the happy childhoods of children.



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