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Statues is the area where PJ Pug-a-Pillar chases you in an obstacle course. This is an area where kids get tested on their agility, strength, and endurance. The objective is to get to the end without being caught by PJ. You can only move in the darkness, and must stop in the light, although you are still allowed to look around. The game is very similar to "Red Light, Green Light".


The first section is a mini maze of castle wall. The second section is a giant pit of blue foam with rings above to grapple on to. The player can choose to get across using the rings or walking in the foam. However the rings are hard to grapple onto and stay on when the lights come on without moving. The foam is a slower but easier way as PJ crawls on the poles holding the rings.

The third section is a maze of tunnels to crawl into with three openings: easy, medium, and hard. The easy opening is a shorter route while medium and hard are longer, with the hard one having a PJ Pug-A-Pillar collectible trophy. The fourth and last section is another pit of blue foam but this time it has yellow platforms in the pit to jump from one to another.

There is no real way to complete the game as the ending is caved in. The Player must use their GrabPack to grapple onto a nearby handle and escape, using a tunnel underneath the observation room.


Before the game starts, Mommy Long Legs, goes on one more monologue in the Statues’ control room. She goes on saying that she cares for the kids and is sad that they never come back, speculating that the games in the Game Station are tests to see what kids are fit to be experimented on to become toys. Since this is the last game, the kids who have the best results in the tests will be put on the train that goes somewhere, presumably an exit or the Playcare as an reward for those who passed the games (tests) because when we finished the game, Poppy betrayed the Player and switched the direction to go deeper into the factory; So if she hadn't changed it, we would have escaped. It’s also speculated that the kids in the game station are orphans by Mommy Long Legs saying that she would be the only one that will ever be as close to a mother figure to the kids. She said she didn’t deserve to die alone and the player deserves it more since they worked at the factory, hinting about her being aggressive to employees according to her Transfer Request.

There is no real way to complete the game as the ending is caved in. The Player must use their GrabPack to grapple onto a nearby handle and escape using a tunnel underneath the control room. Mommy Long Legs wonders where the player is to “congratulate” them and give them the third and final part to the train code, possibly hoping that the player is dead as the ending is caved in so PJ could get and eat the player, or eat the player herself as her intended plans of not actually letting the player escape despite winning all 3 games. As Mommy sees the player is no where to be seen and possibly sees the broken window that was caused by grappling to the control room, she gets angry as we escaped without completing the game which was breaking her one and only rule, cheating. She eventually catches up to the player to surprise them and is angered of how they cheated and challenges them to one more game of hide and seek.


  • The Player was intended to die in the game, seemingly as the end of the room was caved in resulting in nowhere else the player could go and eventually be caught and eaten by PJ. The last game was a setup and reveals Mommy Long Leg’s true plan as to trick the player and have them die to the toys or herself.
    • This is supported by Mommy’s lines to the player as they escape Statues: “Mommy doesn't like cheaters! The rules are so simple! You die, Mommy gets to watch!
  • PJ-Pug a Pillar does not actually follow the player at first, if the player were to stand in the corner to their right, PJ would walk past them.
    • This is not the case anymore as there was a recent patch to fix bugs and glitches. PJ will automatically kill the player if PJ goes past them.


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