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Security Cameras: Rich (otherwise known as the Cyan VHS Tape) is a VHS tape in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.

Appearance and location

Security Cameras: Rich is a dirty cyan VHS tape which can be located on the hanging ladders seen in the Storage Facility, and can be recorded by placing it into the VHR on the raised platform in the same area.


Security Camera: Rich
BPM: 145
Audio Length: 0:30

Rich: "Well, it finally happened."

Rich: "After years of being ignored, the company actually heard my complaints!"

Rich: "Yup, they listened, very carefully,"

Rich: "I guess my words really inspired them to take action, because the next day I got demoted down here. To the freaking island of misfit toys!"

Rich throws (and breaks) an object out of anger.

Rich: "Why do I talk to myself..?"

(End of Tape)
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