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The Security Camera: Rich + Avery, otherwise referred to as the Yellow VHS Tape is a VHS recording of a exchange between two employees (Rich and Avery) talking about their jobs at Playtime Co. while relocating Huggy boxes.


The Security Camera: Rich + Avery tape is a yellow, dirty tape which can be located on a desk in on the tilted shelf seen in the Warehouse and can be recorded by placing it into the VHR by implementing it into the yellow VCR which can be located when opening the slide-able door under the Warehouse. When the tape is inserted, the same claw that we power to grab the Red GrabPack Hand will be on the screen.


Security Camera: Rich + Avery
BPM: 122
Audio Length: 0:53

Avery: "Ugh, Rich, where are they keeping the Huggy boxes?"

Rich: *Scoffs* "I don't know, I couldn't tell you! Remember when maintenance last did a sweep of this place?"

Avery: "No."

Rich: "Exactly! Nobody in this stupid company knows what they're doing. I swear, I haven't seen a single box in it's place since they started flooding the storehouse with orphanage junk."

Avery: "Right..."

Rich: "I get it, it's a nice program and all, on-brand, but" *sigh* "It's just hard to be happy about manufacturing is on OUR NECKS about it, 'cause we can't find the stupid Huggy boxes!"

Avery: "Rich..."

Rich: *sigh* "You're right... You're right... It's.. It's for the orphans... I just wish there were less boxes. Anything less would be more abideable. - I-is that even a word? Abideable."


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