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Reason: The Red Hand is present on this article.

Power Circuits are the one of the main utilities in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze required to continue with the storyline. Power Circuits are used to unlock the red GrabPack hand, and can be found around the warehouse.


The Power Circuits appears to be made of metal and LED lights. Their shapes are in fact, cube. At the top of the Power Source is a battery with a hazardous sign on it. However, The bottom of the Power Source are unknown as they are not seen during gameplay and yet has to be seen with mods or data mining.


Since the location of the Power Circuits are randomized (excluding the Blue Power Source), Here are the locations where the Power Circuits can be seen.

  • The broken fence
  • First cabinet of the warehouse
  • Near a janitor cart
  • Near the cabinet where the Yellow VHS Tape can be obtained


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