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This page lists the Poppy Playtime Wiki's editing rules. These rules only apply to if you are an editor for the wiki. It is your responsibility to read and abide by the rules.


Rule Explanation
Griefing Please do not remove sensitive topics, or the whole page! We leave open pages for people to edit. Attempting to grief, threatening to grief, or greiefing a page will result in the page being temporarily locked (Possibly permanently), and your 2 warnings.
Editing conflicts Please do not continuously keep changing info on pages. Only add what MOB Games provided us with and please do not add false information like "Huggy and Kissy are siblings".
Original characters (OCs) Please do not make a page regarding your fan-made character (OC) or story. They can be moved to the fanon wiki.
Editing experience For most of our pages, we use features that most people that have recently started editing will not understand. Please make sure you have experience editing before editing on one of our pages.
Links Unless you are sending a link to one of our pages, anything related to MOB Games, or leaks, make sure to not send links to any other website. This applies to scam links as well.
Misusing templates Please do not misuse templates on our pages. The Templates are mean't to inform the user for any content that they may find disturbing, confused about, etc.
Crediting Do not try to credit yourself for finding information. Just because you found the info first, does not mean you should credit yourself in the page for finding it.