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Welcome to the Poppy Playtime Wiki's Discuss rules! These rules only apply to if you are a active user, or just any user on our discuss page! Make sure to read all the rules so you don't have to make these mistakes, making causing your block.

Rule Explanation Punishment
No Swearing, Slurs, or any other offensive language Be careful with your choice of language. Don't swear and never say slurs. This applies as to whether you can reclaim them or not. This rule also applies too your bio, about page, etc. 1 Warn
Be Civil Don't insult each other and don't start unnecessary discuss page. Tone indicators are encouraged, but not needed if you can discuss with others in a nice manner 1 Warn
Do NOT have public conversations regarding any MOB Games or EnchantedMOB controversy/alligations Please do not have public conversations regarding any MOB Games or EnchantedMOB controversy/alligations at any moment, weither its to give your opinion on it, hating the following companies because of it, or anything else. Do NOT talk about it what-so-ever. 1 Warning
Stay On Topic Make sure to use the discuss categories. Keeping things on topic helps moderators moderate easier. Controversy does count towards off-topic behavior. Admin's Choice
No Spamming If an admin considers your activity on the discuss page spamming, make sure you tone it down a little bit. We've had multiple cases like this. 1 Warn
General bigotry is not permitted Please make sure to respect everyone. You should not openly discuss Homophobia, Racism, Transphobia, Xenophobia, or anything in that matter. And neither is bullying allowed. As was said before, remain civil. 1 Warn
Self Advertising Please make sure that you don't self advertise. We somewhat allow it (If its Poppy Playtime related), although please make sure you don't contentiously ask people to support you. 1 week Ban
Links Unless you are sending a link to one of our pages, anything related to MOB Games, or leaks, make sure not to send links to any other website. This applies to scam links as well. 1 Warn
No posting or asking for private information Even if it's for the sole purpose of fun or curiosity, you cannot ask for private information from other people. It will make them uncomfortable, and it can be dangerous in real life as well. This also applies if you know the person in real life. Please don't use this as a excuse to share personal topics. 1 Warn

1-3 Day Block

Awareness Make sure to make admins aware if there is something happening: messaging them on their message wall, tagging them in a post, or even contacting them on Discord will be great ways of getting admins' attention. If you want to see our admins, check out our Credits page. None