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This page credits all of the people who have contributed to the game, and the wiki. These people have brought this wiki to you, and have edited the wiki for you. Some people may not have a Fandom account, but we still thank them for contributing.



The Poppy Playtime Wiki FANDOM Staff Team is a group of people that watch over the wiki, add content to the wiki, and more. We are not associated with MOB Games in no way besides just a couple of fans making a wiki dedicated to their game. This area will show you all the staff, and some honorable mentions.



A "founder" is someone who created a community. Founders are automatically given administrator and bureaucrat rights on their community, but do not have special privileges or abilities beyond this. They do not "own" the community that they founded, but can set the early direction and design of the wiki, along with choosing who joins the local admin team.

Name Profile Picture Date Joined Status
10/16/2021 Inactive



Bureaucrats have the ability to change or assign user rights, as well as block and unblock users, so this right is generally used in addition to the administrator group. They have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, Content Moderator, and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly remove another user's bureaucrat status, they can remove their own. Bureaucrats will have a red name in the activity feed.

Name Image Date Joined Status
10/17/2021 Active
11/1/2021 Semi-Active



Administrators (also known as "admins" or "sysops") are trusted users who are generally chosen by the staff team, they are people that have the role of keeping the Moderators/Wiki in check. They also have the responsibilities of a Moderator, but possess the power to ban users that are misbehaving, and change the theme of the wiki. Admins will have a blue name in the activity feed.

Name Image Date Joined Status
11/3/2021 Semi-Active
11/20/2021 Active
12/09/2021 Active



These are people who have the responsibility of keeping different features of the wiki under Moderation. Moderators are divided into two different types: Content Moderator and Discussions/Thread Moderator

Name Profile Picture Date Joined Status
Colossal Wonders
12/1/2021 Active
11/21/2021 Active

Honorable Mentions

Former Staff

Former Staff are people who used to work as a admin/mod for the wiki, but decided to quit. We list them here to thank them for their contribution to this wiki. We do not recommend trying to get in contact with these people if you are experiencing problems on this wiki.

Name Profile Picture Date Joined Status
10/16/2021 Retired


Helpers are people who we support for assisting us with the wiki. We thank them for helping us even though they are only a member.

Name Image Date Joined Status
11/13/2021 Semi-Active
02/10/2022 Inactive
02/26/2022 Semi-Active
DD The Artist DDTheArtist.jpg TBA Inactive
03/13/2022 Inactive

Isaac Christopherson (director)
Seth Belanger (story)
Zach Belanger (story)
Malakai Breckenridge (additional story)
Andy Gill (additional story)
Micah Preciado (story)
Zachery Preciado (story)
Nola Klop (voice)
Emily Frongillo (voice)
Robin Nelson (voice)
Michael Kovach (voice)
Taylor Gessler (concept artist)
Nick Heltne (Lead environment arist)
Seth Jones (Environment arist)
Jose Pontes (character artist)
Avalon Preciado (concept artist)
Achebe Spencer (character artist)
Micael Moñoz G. (audio engineering)
Scott Smoker (animation)
Migara Hewawardena (lighting)
Breveo (beta testing)
ItsPeter (beta testing)
James Pelter (beta testing, surface artist)
Achebe Spencer (technical programmer)
Jack Tbc (beta testing)
Drake Vogl (beta testing)
Dana Willoughby (Technical designer)
Jonah Belanger (special thanks)
Molly (office dog)