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This article may have information that contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime. Please read at your own discretion!

Reason: We provide all the lore hints and directions to the event.

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This article is currently outdated, and there are more info to add. This is most likely because a new chapter released. Please add information regarding the released content.

Reason: Yes, we are aware that this information is all outdated and the event is over. Although, we are going to keep this information to preserve history.


The Poppy Playtime Gamejolt Collaboration is a collaboration to celebrate Chapter 2: Fly in a Web's release. The collaboration takes you through a quest with new leaks that can be heard.

You're a detective that has recieved an anonymous letter warning of strange events around the Playtime factory, so you go there to investigate.


Since the event is a quest, here are the steps.

  • #1: Make a Gamejolt account if you don't have one and join the Poppy Playtime GameJolt community.
  • #2: Go to your notifications and accept the "Investigate Strange Events at Playtime Co" community quest. You will recieve a Yellow VHS Tape sticker
  • #3 Go to here and place the Yellow sticker onto the TV by pressing next to the upvotes button.
  • #4 You will be sent to a video of a Playtime Co. Documentary. This gives us some lore hints.
  • #5: Poppy will message you. To find your messages, go to the top left and click the "Chat with friends" button or simply press "C"
  • #6: Go back to the TV and use the new green hand sticker on the LIVESTREAM on the account page
  • #7: Once using a sticker, a 2 minute timer will be seen. Once the 2 minute timer ends, a Huggy Wuggy jumpscare would play out.
  • #8: Congrats! If Poppy messages you again, you completed that part. Now go to Mommy's official account and follow all her posts, her account, everything.
  • #9: Once Poppy messages you again, go to Mommy's livestream and you will be asked to pick Heads or Tails. You have to lose the game and choose the opposite, if you won and chose the correct answer then it will just loop again until you lose.
  • #10: After losing the game, you'll be automatically kicked out of the stream, ending the quest. Check the quest and claim your reward(which consists of 5x stickers of Poppy). You've completed the event! Congrats!



  • Poppy tell us that "You shouldn't be here. Terrible things have happened. You need to escape!" and "I've given you this GrabPack to help."
    • The first line can be heard in the Chapter 2: Fly in a Web Trailer.
    • Poppy also says the following:
    • "I told you to leave! There are worse things here than Huggy Wuggy, and she's here FOR YOU!",
    • Mommy won't let you leave until you play her game. I can't help you anymore, you're on your own from here.
  • As of May 4, 2022, the official MOB Games gamejolt account messages you telling you that they'll message you more leaks when Chapter 2 releases.
  • One of the lorehints in the fourth step explains how Elliot Ludwig is canonically divorced.