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This article is about the soundtrack. You may have been looking for Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.

Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 is a soundtrack album by MOB Games, created for Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It was released on May 7, 2022, two days after Chapter 2 was released, through MOB Records.

Track listing

No. Title Composer(s) Length In-game
1. "Fly in a Web" Zachary Preciado 1:45 Plays during the Chapter 2 menu selection.
2. "Mommy Long Legs" Preciado 0:50 Plays during the Mommy Long Legs Commercial VHS Tape.
3. "A Doll in Distress" Preciado 1:12 Plays during the Mommy Long Legs cutscene, right before you enter the Game Station.
4. "The Game Station" Preciado 0:25 Plays when first entering the Game Station.
5. "Everything Will Melt" Preciado 1:43 Plays in the Molding Room where the Green Hand is created.
6. "Game On" Preciado 1:34 Plays during the explanation of each minigame in the Game Station.
7. "Too Perfect to Lose" Preciado 2:00 Plays when entering the Storage Facility.
8. "Quick Intervention" Preciado 0:35 Plays during the cutscene involving Kissy Missy.
9. "The Tale of Barry" Preciado 1:58 Plays when entering the Cart Corridors.
10. "Lights Off" Preciado 1:20 Plays when the lights are off during the Statues minigame.
11. "Clocking Some Overtime" Preciado 2:42 Plays during the puzzle before Mommy Long Legs confronts The Player.
12. "Peek-A-Boo!" Preciado 0:35 Plays when Mommy Long Legs confronts The Player after escaping from the Statues minigame.
13. "One Last Game" Preciado 0:56 Plays when Mommy Long Legs finds The Player again.
14. "Arachnophobia" Preciado 0:57 Plays when The Player flicks the final lever and Mommy Long Legs chases them to the emergency exit.
15. "When I'm Free" Preciado 0:40 Plays during Poppy Playtime's monologue.
16. "Downward Spiral" Preciado 1:12 Plays after Poppy is cut off, as the train speeds up and crashes.



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