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This article is about the soundtrack. You may have been looking for Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze.

Poppy Playtime Ch. 1 is a soundtrack album by MOB Games, created for Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime. It was released on October 15, 2021, two days after Chapter 1 was released, through MOB Records.

Track listing

No. Title Writers & Producers Length In-game
1. "It's Playtime" Zachary Preciado 0:57 Plays during the main menu and during the Blue VHS Tape.
2. "A Tight Squeeze" Preciado 1:39 Plays during the Chapter 1 select menu.
3. "The Most Incredible Doll" Preciado 1:16 Plays during the Vintage Poppy Commercial.
4. "Welcome Wave" Preciado 0:14 Plays after unlocking the GrabPack-exclusive door to the Playtime Area.
5. "Huggy Wuggy" Preciado 0:15 Plays when you press the button on the Huggy Wuggy plaque.
6. "Box on Boxes" Preciado 2:01 Plays while the Player is in the Make-A-Friend warehouse.
7. "Deep Sleep" Preciado 2:38 Plays in the Make-A-Friend area and during the credits.
8. "Oh, Hey Huggy!" Preciado 0:50 Plays when Huggy Wuggy comes out of the exit archway from the Make-A-Friend area.
9. "No More Hugs" Preciado 1:20 Plays during the vent chase scene.
10. "Complexus" Preciado 0:34 Plays after the Player pulls the box onto the metal gratings, sending Huggy Wuggy into the abyss.
11. "Poppy's Lullaby" Preciado 0:55 Plays when entering the Poppy Room.



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