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Poppy Playtime is an episodic, indie-horror game where the story takes place in the abandoned toy factory. It was first released on October 12, 2021, and developed by MOB Games. As of May 4, 2022, the first chapter is free and the second chapter costs $9.99. Prior to May 4, 2022, the first chapter cost $3.99, and the description stated that all future chapters would cost $4.99. It is estimated that when all chapters get released, the full game can be bought with all of the costs in one.


Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze

Press the Expand button if you want to see the Plot.

The unnamed protagonist receives an odd letter with a Vintage Poppy Commercial VHS Tape. The letter is misspelled and says that the employees are still at the factory, and they're not missing. The letter then instructs to find the Poppy Flower, where it is soon revealed where Poppy is.

The protagonist arrives at the factory, where everything is completely abandoned. They manage to unlock the Color Code Room where, by watching the Blue VHS Tape, they obtain the GrabPack, but the red hand is missing. They open a door that leads them to the Playtime Area, where the protagonist activates the power to give the Huggy Wuggy statue a key in his hand, so the protagonist can unlock the Power Room. They manage to turn back on the electricity of the factory, but Huggy Wuggy disappeared mysteriously. The protagonist opens the Hallway, and as they move forward, Huggy's arm was seen sticking out of the door but slides back in when the protagonist steps closer. The protagonist opens the door and find nothing. As they move to the Batteries Area, they find the Yellow VHS Tape and all the Batteries. When going up the stairs to attach all the Batteries, they see Huggy Wuggy staring at them creepily through a slightly ajar vent. When the protagonist approaches, the vents suddenly close, leaving Huggy Wuggy inside the vents and possibly finding another way out. With all the Batteries connected, the protagonist manages to obtain the red hand, and unlocks a vent door where they need to do a small, short puzzle to go further into the factory. They soon arrive at the Make-A-Friend area, and turn on the power to activate the Make-A-Friend machines. When the Cat-Bee toy is created, they place it beside the "Nobody Leaves Without a Toy" gate, and it opens as the Cat-Bee toy is scanned and accepted. As soon as the protagonist goes near the shadowy hallway, Huggy Wuggy suddenly appears and slowly chases down the protagonist. The protagonist is forced to run through the vents to run away from Huggy. At the end, in panic, the protagonist pulls down a giant box when Huggy Wuggy was about to break down the door. The box hits Huggy Wuggy right in the back, causing him to fall off a very high place to an unknown fate. The protagonist finally reaches the Poppy Flower and opens Poppy's case. Poppy's voice was heard talking about her case being opened, ending the chapter.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Click Expand to view the plot

After the event of Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze, The Player follows Poppy, who, in response to the player's rescue, decides to help The Player escape via the Game Station located deep under the facility. This plan is soon vandalized, as the chapter's main antagonist, Mommy Long Legs assaults and snatches Poppy, forcing The Player to drop down to attempt to save her. Once in the station, Mommy Long Legs confronts The Player, stating that in order to escape, The Player must play three games that become increasingly more difficult.

The first game is Musical Memory, where The Player has to select the correct buttons. This will gradually get faster until the game malfunctions and an emergency stop is required. The Player then finds themselves in a rejected toys warehouse, where there is a switch to unlock the door which leads to the train station.

The second game is Wack-a-Wuggy, where The Player must hit the Mini Huggies, which are small, differently colored Huggy Wuggy toys as they as it comes out of holes in the wall across various areas.

The third game is Statues, a game similar to ‘Red Light. Green Light’, where The Player navigates a maze while being pursued by PJ Pug-a-Pillar. The Player stops when the lights turn on and can move when the lights go off.

The Player escapes the third game, which is obviously rigged (the ending is blocked by debris). However, this infuriates Mommy Long Legs in the process, who starts hunting down The Player, claiming we 'cheated', and that she is going to play 'one last game' with us, calling it 'hide-and-seek'. Survive Mommy's relentless chase, and The Player will then trap Mommy in a grinder and activate the lever, killing her. After this, a mysterious, claw-like hand appears from the bottom of the partially closed door and drags Mommy's severed torso into the dark, before the door to the right opens, and The Player is let back into the Game Station. Navigating Bay 09 lets us find a trapped Poppy, and proceeds to free her. Poppy then boards the Train while The Player inputs the Train Code correctly, and the Train begins to move.

However, Poppy, witnessing our outstanding agility and intelligence, deems that we are 'too perfect to lose', and changed the train's direction at the last second. Poppy then states she had 'much time to think and reflect', and that together, The Player and she can 'set things right'. But before she can finish, a garbled static cuts her off. Poppy only has time to exclaim 'what-?' before the audio is cut off. The Train accelerates alarmingly. We can attempt to use the emergency stop, but it won't change anything. The Train derails and crashes, and our vision fades into darkness after, but not before we see a sign for the Playcare. The chapter then ends.


A prototype version of the game was available when the game was first released on Steam.


  • On November 6, 2021, it was announced that Poppy Playtime would be having a DLC crossover with the multiplayer horror game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals, and in March 2022, it was released.
    • Prior to the announcement, when asked if a crossover could happen, the official Monsters & Mortals Twitter account said that it was possible, but that they wanted to "see how long that one lasts".
  • Zachary Preciado has revealed that before coming up with the name "Poppy Playtime", they had other names for the game, such as "The Toy Game" and "Toy Story but Evil".[1] Mike said at one point they almost named the game "Tina Toytime".[2]
    • Another planned name was "Poppy's Playtime", although this was changed last minute because the name was meant to be based off the titular character, Poppy Playtime.




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