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The Employees are the main people working at Playtime Co. to create the toys and sell them, one of these is Huggy Wuggy, which was the most popular. This page lists all the known employees of the Company.


Elliot Ludwig is the main founder for the Playtime Co. Company. It is known that he is full of imagination and creativity. That's also why his designs are so unique. There isn't much to say about him, as he only appears in the VPC. In Chapter 2: Fly in a Web we get to know more about him on his biography, which the Player finds in his office. In the VHS tape we discover that he was a divorced man whose ex wife was called Molly. Furthermore, we find out that Elliot suffered a tragic family loss, but even so, he continued with his goal of giving joy to the children.

Supervisors & High Ranked Members

Leith Pierre is a Supervisor for all employees at Playtime Co. Company and is seen in many tapes like the Green VHS Tape, Playtime Co. Merch Tape, Playtime Co. Digital Collectible Tape, and more. It is known that he is pretty jumpy and hated by other employees.


Stella Greyber is one of the many employees mentioned in the Pink VHS Tape, she is full of childish personality and thinks that adults are "kids but older". She also thinks that nobody ever feels like an adult. Before the release of Chapter 2, it was theorized that she was the one possessing Poppy Playtime, but this doesn't make sense. In the Game Station, when the Player pulls the lever that activates the intercom, Stella speaks about the three games the children must play. This means that Stella was still an employee after Mommy Long Legs' creation in 1991.

Sharon is a new character mentioned in the Playtime Co. Digital Collectible Tape. As Leith Pierre calls him an idiot for not turning off the microphone at the last moments, he gets fired from the company.

Rich is a very strict employee who gets angry at small accidents or misplacements. He is heard yelling at Avery in the Yellow VHS Tape and complaining about a job demotion in the Cyan VHS Tape.

Rich is a character mentioned in the Yellow VHS Tape and who is heard talking with Avery. Previously, it was thought that Rich was probably talking to himself in the tape, as some people thought that "Avery" was Rich's last name (and therefore Avery's full name would be Rich Avery). However, it's highly unlikely that this is the case. In Chapter 2, he's mentioned on a note reading "Lunch with Avery Fri.", further proving that he and Rich are two different people.

Jaren is a new character mentioned in the Playtime Co. Merch Tape. He gets called out by Leith Pierre in the tape because one of the Huggy Wuggy shirts has Huggy eating a human arm. This indicates he may be working in the Marketing Department.

Marcas Brickley is an employee who first appeared in Chapter 2. He is a hard-working person and seems to scare easily because of his encounter with a mysterious creature.

The Player is the main protagonist of Poppy Playtime in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze and Chapter 2: Fly in a Web. He gets a note from the "employees" telling him that "they are still here" in the factory after the Incidents. The Player decides to finally explore the factory and uncover the truth about the history of Playtime Co.


The Scientist is a minor character appearing only verbally in the Black Tape and in Log 08502. He is supposedly one of the many scientists hired by Playtime Co. to experiment on their toys. Judging by him clearly not caring about his coworkers losing their lives, he may be egoistic and lets others deal with the consequences of his own actions, such as the possible creation of Experiment 1006.