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The Playtime Area is a location in the Playtime Co. factory, situated behind the wall in front of the reception desk. This place has a connection of different rooms like the Cafeteria, Theater Room, Testing Room e.t.c. Standing below a large Playtime Co. sign, Huggy Wuggy stands as a presentation to visitors because of his popularity. The Player needs the GrabPack to access this area, including its blue hand, at least. In this room, there are multiple other hallways that branch off, but only two are accessed during the game-play.

At the feet of Huggy Wuggy, there is a sign with a message and a button. The message reads "Huggy Wuggy (1984) - Playtime Co. has designed hundreds and hundreds of distinct toys, but none connected with people more than that of Huggy Wuggy. Our founder, Elliot Ludwig, aimed to create a toy which could hug you forever! As is always true, Playtime Co.'s '4-Step Process to creating the most lifelike toys,' was a success!" The red message on the sides reads, "With a bit of string and polyester, our lovable, blue pal Huggy was brought to life! Huggy Wuggy has gone on to be Playtime Co.'s most popular and best selling toy so far!"

The red button below this message plays out a song called "Huggy Wuggy" The lyrics are: " His name is Huggy, Huggy Wuggy, when he hugs you, he'll never stop. (creepy Huggy laugh) Your friend Huggy, Huggy Wuggy, he'll squeeze you until you pop! (bubble noise)" Around Huggy Wuggy, there are many boxes holding Huggy toys. One of these seems to be alive and has dark black eyes. To the right of Huggy, there is a door requiring a blue and a red hand. This area is not accessible in the game, as when we grab the red hand the door closes behind us.

This room may be updated in the future, where The Player is able to access the other rooms, but this has not been confirmed.


Image Room Mascots Nearby Reachable? Function
Testing-boogie.png Testing Boogie Bot No Empty room.
Innovation-poppy.png Innovation Poppy Playtime No Empty room. Mentioned to be forbidden, multiple times around the game.
Theater-catbee-bron.png Theater Cat-Bee, Bron No Large empty room.
Cafeteria-kissy-missy-candy-cat-idk.png Cafeteria N/A No Empty room.
Chapter2-door.png GrabPack-exclusive room N/A (possibly Bron) No A dark staircase that leads to nowhere.
Power-huggy.png Power Huggy Wuggy Yes A room for turning power back on.
Hallway.jpg Make-A-Friend hallway Huggy Wuggy Yes Leads to the Make-A-Friend machine and warehouse.


  • Once The Player turns on the power, Huggy Wuggy disappears from his plaque and the spotlights turn on, shining on his empty stage, emphasising the creepy atmosphere. Prior to this, despite Huggy standing on his plaque, the spotlights are turned off.
  • There are multiple windows on the dome ceiling, but only one is open and a small amount of sunlight is shining in the room, somewhat on Huggy Wuggy. The rest of the windows seem to be painted or covered in something black.
Cursed Huggy Wuggy Toy.png.jpg
  • There are several boxes near Huggy Wuggy (not the cardboard boxes) containing Huggy Wuggy toys. However, one of the boxes has a Huggy toy that seems to be sitting down, with blacked out eyes and a large grin on his face which is showing his teeth. The teeth completely covers his mouth.


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