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That is why it is with enormous pleasure that as the founder of Playtime Co., I announce... Playcare! Our very own on-site orphanage.
Elliot Ludwig

Playcare was Playtime Co.'s underground on-site orphanage and the primary location of Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep". The orphanage used to house the orphans after testing in the Game Station. Playcare's main mascots were the Smiling Critters, a group of colorful animals with giant smiles, who were popular when the company was active.

Following The Hour of Joy, Playcare became a hunting ground for CatNap and where he worshipped The Prototype.

General Appearance[]

The outside appearance of Playcare is a giant metal dome, located within a giant underground cave system, with a bunch of pipes connected to it from the outside. It is only accessible through Elliot's Express.

Inside of the dome is the site of Playcare itself. It has an artificial skylight behind a large fan in the ceiling. The dome is painted to make it look like stars when the lights go out. Dangling from the top of the sky dome are fake clouds. Around the dome sides are fake walls of painted skies and clouds on it. On the sidewalks is a bunch of Bron themed streetlamps.

In the center of Playcare is a large round statue platform that presents all of the Smiling Critters. The CatNap statue is on the floor due to one of the fake clouds knocking it down. Around the base of the statue is a podium with descriptions for each of the Smiling Critters and a button to hear an audio file. The entrance to Playcare is located directly below the statue of Hoppy Hopscotch. Playcare has five main locations: Toy Store, Counselor's Office, a School, Playhouse, and Home Sweet Home. There is fake grass and trees and plant life to give a illusion to the orphans to make them think they are on the surface.

There is a map that shows where all the locations are in Playcare.


In 1976,[1] Elliot Ludwig founded Playcare, Playtime Co.'s on-site orphanage used to house orphans with the intent of using them as test subjects for his experiments (although he claims that it was for taking care of the homeless orphans). He used the then famous Smiling Critters as mascots of Playcare, with Miss Delight's sisters and herself as teachers for the School. Children at Playcare would undergo testing at the Game Station, and kids with particularly good scores would be marked for additional testing.

Playcare would run for many years, with some orphans being adopted by outside parents while others would be redirected to the Bigger Bodies Initiative. The aforementioned Initiative's influence was most prominent in Home Sweet Home. Behind Home Sweet Home's exterior lay hidden rooms; the scientists having utilized two-way mirrors to observe the orphans.

In 1989, a 7-year-old child who lived in Playcare, Theodore Grambell, was reported to be repeatedly visited by The Prototype and convinced by him to rummage through Joel Sinclair's office and steal two GrabPacks and two Green Hands. Soon after, Theodore would get severely injured by one of the Green Hands while trying to open a maintenance door in Playcare with The Prototype's help. Theo would be turned into CatNap to put the orphans to sleep every night using The Red Smoke. However, this caused horrific nightmares in the kids' dreams such as Marie Payne, who saw a "colorless monster".[2]

During The Hour of Joy, many employees were slaughtered in Playcare with the fate of the children only being hinted at in a tape from Miss Delight.

Screenshot (2857)

A map of the hub of Playcare


  • In the prototype version of Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web", Poppy Playtime reveals that the train is heading towards Playcare. However, in the final version, she does not tell The Player where they are going.
  • Considering the age of Playcare, it may've been originally built for genuine moral purposes, unless the toy experiments had already been going on.
  • In the game files, there's a map of the Smiling Critters homes, which was to be used but was scrapped for Playcare. In the game, DogDay's the only house that appears via cartoon video.


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