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The Mommy Long Legs Commercial VHS Tape is a VHS tape promoting the new toy in Playtime Co.' roster, Mommy Long Legs. This video is currently only available on the MOB Games YouTube channel, but will be the intro to Chapter 2, similar to Poppy Playtime's Commercial VHS Tape.


This VHS tape is a commercial for Playtime Co's 1991 release, Mommy Long Legs. The commercial showcases Mommy Long Leg's elastic and bendy limbs, being her charm points.


The teaser image of Mommy Long Legs floating in the EnchantedMOB basement is shown. It quickly glitches to a black, quirky screen. A face can be seen during this period.

  • A child holds up Mommy Long Legs to the screen
    • "♪ Look, it's Mommy Long Legs, the coolest toy around!♪ " can be heard in the background
  • A bunch of kids can be seen behind a playground with Mommy Long Legs in the girl's hand.
  • It cuts to Mommy Long Legs standing straight, and her legs extend to a degree
    • ♪ You can stretch her legs, or hang her upside down!♪ can be heard in the background
  • A picture of kids running away from a kid holding a Mommy Long Legs toy is shown
    • "♪ Try to twist and bend her in every kind of way♪ can be heard in the background
  • A kid playtime with Mommy Long Legs making her dance can be seen.
    • ♪ Now it's time to have some fun, Mommy Long Legs wants to play!!♪

"With Playtime Co's new patented elastic plastic, you can stretch, pull, and twist Mommy Long Legs in the craziest ways. She loves watching you play. When you're having fun, she's having fun.

  • "The NEW Mommy Long Legs from Playtime CO.
    • (During this scene, Poppy can be heard saying "Wake up" while its running).
  • What's the time?-
    • The Playtime CO. logo fades to black before the announcer says "Playtime" The screen then cuts to black.
  • Mommy Long Legs can be seen in the dark. It then cuts to a dark, disturbing version of the Playground the commercial took place.
  • The screen then cuts to the presumed player running in the Unknown Hallway
  • Faintly in the background, Poppy can be heard saying “Wake up…”
  • The screen then cuts to another shot of the Playground in a dark, disturbing way.
  • The screen then cuts to an unknown playroom? It's very dark and a simple flashlight doesn't really help.
  • The screen then fades into a closeup of Poppy Playtime's face.
    • "Wake up"





  • The commercial VHS tape took place the same day the Playtime Co. Merch Tape was recorded. It also said it started at 5 (most likely at 5 PM). Laithe Pierre even said so from the commercial VHS tape.
  • At the end of the commercial, a message can be seen in the bottom right saying, "Do not expose elastic-plastic to extreme heat or freezing temperatures." This implies that The Player has to lure her into either an incinerator or a cold room to defeat Mommy Long Legs.
  • The song in the commercial is sung to the tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" in reference to Mommy Long Legs being spider themed.


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