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Mommy Long Legs

It was always so sad to see the kids go... They called me "Mommy" because I was the closest thing that ever had to one. But they'd come for games... and never come back. They left Mommy to die alone. Mommy didn't deserve that! But you? You worked here. So if anyone deserves to die alone, it's you.
Mommy Long Legs before the start of the Statues minigame. in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Mommy Long Legs, otherwise referred to as Experiment 1222 or Marie Payne (real name) on the Transfer Request, is a toy produced by Playtime Co.., who debuted in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web as its main antagonist.


Mommy Long Legs is a large, slender creature bearing an uncanny resemblance to a spider, albeit with only four limbs. She has baby pink skin with curly, tangled noodle-like hot pink hair, styled into a high ponytail using a baby blue hair tie. Her face consists of a pair of wide-set green eyes with tiny pupils and three eyelashes, as well as a gaping, hollow mouth. Dark pink lipstick can be seen adorning her mouth, and she has no nose. A thin neck with a baby blue necklace connects her head to her body, which is comprised of a small angular torso with a dark pink sweetheart neckline, a thin appendage resembling her 'waist', and a rotund dark pink bottom to resemble a sweetheart-bodice dress. Her four limbs are all extremely elastic, capable of stretching 'hundreds of feet' according to the Transfer Request. Her arms end in two crimson glove-like hands with thin baby blue cuffs, while her legs end in ankle-length baby blue stockings with crimson Mary Janes.

In her furious form, Mommy takes on a deranged and annoyed appearance. Her entire body becomes withered and covered in grime. Her face is twisted into a permanent frown, while her mouth has become a scowling grimace.

In her deranged form, Mommy's general appearance remains almost identical to her furious state. However, her eyes are now completely dilated, giving off an unhinged vibe. Her irises have also faded to a pale artichoke. She will also no longer blink. Her hair is now twisted and mangled, no longer the neat curls in her previous two forms. Her hands are enlarged maniacally, and her fingers are splayed and elongated to resemble claws. Her body is also twisted in even more alarming and unnatural angles throughout her final chase. During her death scene, blood can be seen splattering out of Mommy Long Legs as she is crushed by the grinder. This confirms that she is organic in nature like Huggy Wuggy and other living toy experiments.


In the beginning of Chapter 2, Mommy Long Legs presented herself with a warm and welcoming front to lure the player into participating her games, this facade however diminished very quickly as she threatened the player with death and the possibility of having their innards consumed by her, should the player refuse to bid by her commands. Throughout the variety of games the player has to play in to win and survive, Mommy Long Legs displays a sinister mix of childlike friendliness and mentally unhinged, making her movements unpredictable. She tends to mask her frustrations with a friendly childlike facade to hide her growing anger, such as when the player wins yet another game of her's, or when the player escaped from the Statue game area, causing Mommy to desperately try luring the player back into the game area with the false promise of giving them the train code, while increasingly getting furious and violent.

Through the events of Chapter 2, Mommy Long Legs ropes the player into participating multiple games, in which she claimed that she will hand pieces of the train code if they win the games. Mommy Long Legs however does everything in her power to prevent the player from winning and killing them in the end, such as rigging the games which the player is forced to participate in. For example, the Musical Memory game originally only had four colors, but Mommy Long Legs tampered with the mechanics so the program adds more colors and even mathematical properties to the game to increase the difficulty. Near the end of the game, she even doubled the panels and ramped up the speed of which the correct orders are displayed to make it impossible to win.

In the Transfer Request Document, Mommy was revealed to be hostile towards the scientists and personnel of Playtime Co. Her hostility to the scientists also extends to any workers that are affiliated with Playtime Co. regardless of work position. In contrast to her behaviour towards the workers, she is shown to be motherly and caring, even protective to other experiment subjects. Her motherly personality also extends to children, as the document stated that alongside boosting her morale, it is unlikely that Mommy will turn hostile in front of them. Despite the stated motherly nature in the documents, she does not showcase so in the events of Chapter 2, as she will kill her own minions if they fail to kill the player, like Bunzo Bunny and the Mini Huggies (although PJ Pug-a-Pillar was spared). This also showed how she does not tolerate failures.

Mommy Long Legs seemed to have an extreme ego yet also suffers from attachment issues, as she boastfully claimed that the children she guided around the game station referred to her as Mommy, as she concluded that she is the closest thing that they have to a maternal figure, yet continued with saying that the children left her to die after finishing all the games, as they only had interests in the games, but not Mommy herself.

Mommy Long Legs' jumpscare

At the finale of the chapter, Mommy Long Legs has completely gone deranged and insane, as her voice constantly switches from high-pitched tones to aggressive loud ones, and her limbs also extend to freakish angles and abnormally long lengths, her eyes also dilate to complete pitch black. Throughout this section, Mommy Long Legs becomes very hostile and is constantly in search of the player, trying to kill them at all attempts, becoming incredibly reckless as she accidentally got herself stuck in a grinder, something which the player took advantage of to put an end into her rampage. Through the multiple times she chases down the player, she can be heard laughing sinisterly in a booming low voice.

It appears that Mommy Long Legs deeply feared one particular experiment, Experiment 1-0-0-6, The Prototype. As she is dragged into the grinder, she screams in agony "He'll make me part of him", implying she understood what his goal is.



Mommy Long Legs official presentation

The Mommy Long Legs toy was created in 1991, and advertised with her unique stretchable plastic. Her living counterpart was confirmed to be a experiment. In one of the Transfer Request files, Mommy Long Legs was revealed to be an experiment subject under the custody of Playtime Co., going by the alias Experiment 1-2-2-2, her former identity being Marie Payne.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Mommy is first introduced while walking through the Game Station Hallway. As The Player is scanning their Red GrabPack Hand, Mommy climbs down and snatches the hand away. She then explains how she wants to play a game, as she hasn't played a game in years. She also taunts Poppy Playtime in the process by mimicking her voice. Mommy Long Legs promises the Train Station code if the player plays all three games seen in the Game Station.

Mommy is encountered a second time when the player enters the Memory Incognitive Test Platform. She explains how she hasn't seen the game in years, and the rules of the game. The rules are fairly simple. You must click the buttons the TV flashes, if failed, Bunzo Bunny will slowly be lowered. If successful, Bunzo will go back up. If the player lets Bunzo come all the way down, Bunzo presumably eats them as Mommy explains "It's been so long since he's been able to play, to cheer, to eat." Once successfully completing the stressful test, Mommy gives the player the first part of the code of the Train Code. As soon as the player leaves the room, Mommy kills Bunzo for failing her.

Mommy is encountered a third time when the player enters the Wack-a-Wuggy game. She goes into detail how the Mini Huggies used to be tied to a string to prevent them from escaping and getting too close to the children, but now those strings are gone, and the Mini Huggies can freely move, allowing them to jump towards and jumpscare you. Once finished with the mini-game, Mommy becomes annoyed at the fact that the player has won yet again, but attempts to congratulate them while also holding back her frustration. She still gives the player the second piece of the Train Code as she talks about how it's sad that The Player will leave so soon, and how she wishes to play games with them forever. Once again after the player leaves the room, Mommy kills the Mini Huggies for failing her.

The fourth encounter is after the player enters the Statues mini-game. She laments about how the children she took care of left her behind once they were done with her. She then states that she didn't deserve to get left behind to die alone, but the player does, as they worked at the factory. During the Statues mini-game, the player realizes that the exit of Statues is blocked off by debris, and thus rigging the game in Mommy's favor. They then end up "cheating" and grappling to the viewing area to escape the game.

Encountering the player once more, Mommy begins yelling at them, claiming that they cheated and how she asked the player to "play fair". Mommy then says how she hates cheaters, and that there is one last game called "Hide and Seek". She will then start counting down from 10 (however she will stop at 2), and the player must run. Although she is meant to chase the player, for the next few rooms, Mommy isn't heard or seen once. After pulling four colored levers, the player opens a door and Mommy rushes towards them from under the area they opened the door from. She eventually chases the player through the underground facilities until they reach the Emergency Exit door.

As they open the door, Mommy charges after the player. However, she is so eager to catch them that she ends up getting her hand stuck in a grinder. The player then pulls the grinder's lever, and it begins to pull Mommy in. Mommy proceeds to howl in pain and protest that the player can't do this to her, but her attempts to free herself are futile, and she is killed when the grinder crushes her abdomen. The top half of her body disconnects from her lower half and collapses to the ground, which is then dragged away by a mysterious claw.

Abilities and Anatomy

Like all of the organic toy experiments of Playtime Co., Mommy Long Legs possesses paranormal amounts of physical strength and speed. She is capable of instantly killing the player if she manages to catch them. Her elastic limbs allow her enhanced mobility and are able to stretch hundreds of feet according to the Transfer Request, and she can be seen swiftly climbing along the ceiling and rafters of the Playtime Co factory. She can contort and bend her body when needed, and can take on a quadrupedal posture in order to gain more speed when running.

The blood seen erupting from Mommy Long Legs as she is crushed by a grinder confirms that she is organic in nature and in fact a literal living toy. It is likely that she has a functioning digestive system, similar to Huggy Wuggy, as she threatens that she will "eat your insides" to the player.

She also seems to have the ability to create spider webs just like a normal spider, which she uses to gag Poppy Playtime's mouth shut and trap her in an office. She also used webs to hang the corpses of Bunzo Bunny and the Mini Huggies after murdering them for their failures.


  • Mommy Long Legs appears to be inspired by toys out of the 90s to 2000s', specifically the famous Betty Spaghetty doll.
    • Old Mommy concepts that were seen in the Storage Facility can prove this theory.
  • Mommy Long Legs' name is stylised as "Mommy Long-Legs" on the Transfer Request and stylised as "Mommy long legs" on her official logo.
  • Mommy Long Legs's name is a play on "daddy long legs", a name of several species of Pholcidae spiders. Some of her characteristics were based on spiders:
    • Mommy Long Legs eats her victims from their organs, similar to how some spiders eat their prey. However, in the jumpscares, the player can see her biting into their face.
    • The theme song in her advertisement has the same melody as "Itsy Bitsy Spider".
    • When her body is being cut by the shredder, she dies immediately when her stomach is crushed. This is due to the fact that spiders have their heart and lungs located in the abdomen rather than the thorax.
  • Depending how thirsty Mommy Long Legs is, she is willing to drink tea. [1]
  • Mommy Long Legs doesn't know what a computer is. [2]
  • In the Playtime Co. Merch Tape, the Head-of-Innovation of Playtime Co. Leith Pierre states that he has a "Long Legs commercial" to record, referring to Playtime Co.'s latest product (in 1991) Mommy Long Legs.
  • A promotional key visual by MOB Games[3] and a Grabpack poster in the game[4] foreshadowed Mommy Long Legs' eventual death. Hidden in the promotional poster contains the text "make me part of him" which correlates to Mommy's final words in Chapter 2 and how she was taken by The Prototype which "him" in the text is referring to. The Grabpack poster is a warning sign for how dangerous the grinder is, which is later used by the Player to kill Mommy at the end of the game.
  • Whenever she speaks friendly, she refers to herself in third person. But when she is more violent, she refers to herself in first person language.
  • In the final chase scene, she stretches her right arm backwards making her look like she limps while running. This is to vizualize that pink arms which block our path during the chase are actually her right arm stretching ahead of us.

Mommy's alternate death by grinder, with her head getting crushed instead of her body.

  • One deleted version of Mommy Long Legs' death shows her head getting crushed by the grinder as opposed to her body in the final game. The developers scrapped the idea due to "too much graphic violence".[5] [6]
    • This alternate death was foreshadowed in Mommy Long Legs' commerical at the start of the game. The commerical ended with a disclaimer text "Don't expose elastic-plastic to extreme heat or freezing temperatures."
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