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Mini Huggies

The Mini Huggies (also known as Huggy Buddies) are toys that were produced by Playtime Co. specifically for the Wack-a-Wuggy mini-game. They are mini versions of Huggy Wuggy.


Similar to Huggy Wuggy, the Mini Huggies are long legged, furry entities that come in a variety of fur colors such as green, red, blue, and yellow. Their hands appear to have straps of Velcro on them, allowing them to grip onto objects. They also have four fingers and thumbs but they are fused together in a glove-like fashion leaving them unable to move individually. They appear much shorter than Huggy Wuggy, with them looking human-sized (when the Player gets jumpscared). Like all other Huggy Wuggy-type toys, they have large eyes with black, dilated pupils and large bright red lips, with rows of gums when aggressive.


The Mini Huggies make an appearance during the Wack-a-Wuggy game and is the only time they can attack the player. There are 18 holes in the walls during the game, and when it starts, the player will hear them crawling to make their way to the player through the holes. The player must hit them with their GrabPack in order to make them retreat. If they start to make a low growling sound, start shaking, and are leaning out of the tunnels, the player must quickly make them retreat by hitting them with their GrabPack or they'll fly towards the player and jumpscare them, causing a game over. The Mini Huggies presumably kill the player by breaking their neck, unlike Huggy who simply devours the player.


Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

The Mini Huggies act as gaming mechanics for the Wack-a-Wuggy game. Having the strings broken that were once used to pull them back if they got too close to the children, as heard by Mommy Long Legs before Wack-a-Wuggy starts, the Mini Huggies are now tasked to exit their holes to kill the Player.

But, if the Wuggys could have broken the strings, they would have long ago, while the factory was still going, which means Mommy Long Legs must have broken them. She already broke the GrabPack, and that shows she is pretty strong. So it would make sense that she would break the strings.

Full view of the corpses on the Game Station's ceiling.

The player will receive a game over if they had failed to push the Mini Huggies back into their respective holes on time. If the player succeeds in the game, the Mini Huggies will retreat back into their holes and stay immobile. When all of them are gone, the player has beaten the game and are free to leave the area.

A few minutes after the player leaves the area, faint noises of clanking sounds and screams of Mini Huggies can be heard, where they are killed by Mommy Long Legs for not succeeding in the killing of the player. Near the end of the game, if the player heads back to the Wack-a-Wuggy game area, all 18 of the Mini Wuggies are gone. The player can spot the corpses of the Mini Huggies sticking to the ceiling of the Game Station, covered in Mommy Long Legs's webs, although only three of the 18 Mini Huggies are present, and one of the yellow Mini Huggies is missing. The whereabouts of the other fifteen are unknown.


Although the Mini Huggies don't have a canon personality, it is presumed that they are being controlled by Mommy Long Legs in an attempt to do something regarding The Player. Evidence to prove that Mommy Long Legs is controlling these little toys is that in the Chapter 2 Trailer she grabs a really small Huggy Wuggy, though this particular one seems to be a toy instead of the big Huggy Wuggy. They also are much more skittish as simply a smack from the GrabPack is enough to cause them to run off, but they are still malevolent, crawling towards the player in a large group to overwhelm and kill them. They are also known to be obedient as seen in Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy’s behavior towards tasks.


  • Upon digging into the game's assets, an audio file titled "mommy_kills_mini_huggies.uasset" can be found in the game's programming. This audio file is played shortly after player leaves the Wack-a-Wuggy game area in the gameplay. The Mini Huggies' jumpscare sounds play, further proving that the Mini Huggies are indeed killed by Mommy Long Legs.
  • Although four Mini Huggies are often shown, there are actually 18 Mini Huggies who happen to share the same colors as any of the main four.
  • The jumpscare sound for the Mini Huggies is Huggy Wuggy's sound, but raised in a higher pitch or tone.
  • In the hall to Wack-A-Wuggy, there are murals of orange, mint, purple, and pink Huggies. And the red Huggies seem to have yellow lips, unlike their regular red lips.


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