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Our founder, Elliot Ludwig, was a visionary. He set the stage for all of Playtime Co.'s greatest feats. Yet of all the amazing things that he created, the Make-a-Friend Machine is one of the most creative, impressive, and advanced. It is solely responsible for nearly every Playtime Co. toy sold on the market to this day. All it needs is to be fed the proper parts, and it will then paint, assemble, and do a quality inspection of the toy all on it's own. Gone is the need for complex sorting or back-breaking labor. This machine can do all that- and more!
Make-A-Friend Description, 1960


The Make-A-Friend Machines are an old mechanism that was used by Playtime Co. to create the toys seen in-game, possibly including Huggy Wuggy etc. This machine was used for kids and adopted orphans to leave with a toy, for remembrance of the facility and to create a way for visitors to support and increase trust for the factory. However, it's still working and does its job perfectly fine. There are three Make-A-Friend machines in the room before the Vent Chase Sequence:

  • The Make-A-Friend Eyed machines.
  • The Yellow, long Toy Parts Distributors used to give the toy parts to the Make-A-Friend Eyed machine, resulting in the creation of the toy itself.


  • The Red Make-A-Friend Machine in the middle follows you with its eyes, but the others don't.
  • The Yellow Make-A-Friend on the right has no eyes, and only pupils.
  • The Make-A-Friend section seems to be linked with the Warehouse.



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