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MOB Games (formerly BAD Games) is the main developement team for Poppy Playtime. The company is paired with EnchantedMOB and ZAMination to produce voice acting, music, and editing.


Poppy Playtime was directed by Isaac Christopherson after taking a break from his previous job with EnchantedMOB. He would later have them help him with his project. After 4 months of development, the first chapter was released and it skyrocketed.


Role Name(s) Additional Affliliations
Game Director Isaac Christopherson EnchantedMOB
Executive Producer Zach Belanger EnchantedMOB
Story Zach Belanger, Seth Belanger, Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado and Isaac Christopherson EnchantedMOB
Storyboarding Whitney Miller, Madeline Schroeder EnchantedMOB
Additional Story Malakai Breckenridge and Andy Gill EnchantedMOB
Technical Director Ben Pavlovits EnchantedMOB
Technical Designer Dana Willoughby EnchantedMOB
Technical Programmer Achebe Spencer EnchantedMOB
Concept Artist Avalon Preciado, Taylor Gessler, Whitney Miller, Madeline Schroeder, Jose Pontes EnchantedMOB
Surface Artist James "Trainguy" Pelter EnchantedMOB
Graphics Design Micah Preciado, Jan Ammon, Avalon Preciado, Kaley Humphrey, Whitney Miller, Madeline Schroeder, and Mahmoud Noor EnchantedMOB
Characters Jose Pontes, Achebe Spencer, Whitney Miller, Meghan Judd EnchantedMOB
Rigging Andy Gill, Seth Belanger, James "Trainguy" Pelter, Imeda Aptsiauri, EnchantedMOB
Lead Marketing Adam Uhlenbrock EnchantedMOB
Lead Environment Artist Nick Heltne EnchantedMOB
Environment Artists Seth Jones, Michail Kolovos, Remo van de Sande EnchantedMOB
Animation Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado, Malakai Breckenridge, Scott Smoker, Isaac Christopherson, Achebe Spencer, Austan Todd, James "Trainguy" Pelter, Alice Smith EnchantedMOB
Lighting Migara Hewawardena and Achebe Spencer EnchantedMOB
Music Production Zachary Preciado EnchantedMOB
Audio Engineering Zachary Preciado and Micael Munoz G. EnchantedMOB
Beta-Testing Braveo, James "Trainguy" Pelter, ItsPeter, Drake Vogl, Scott Smoker, and JackTBC EnchantedMOB
Special Thanks Jonah Belanger, Micheal Baldridge, Elijah Delaney, Micheal Bereznicki, Sirius, Skye, Verna, Luxia, GalaxyDJx, Yann Peltier, and Ender EnchantedMOB
Office Dog Molly EnchantedMOB


  • The person in the trench coat and the detective hat in the current MOB Games logo is actually the mascot for MOB Games. Their name is Mystery Man[1]
  • EnchantedMOB are the directors for ZAMinations, so the team is comprised of the same people from both groups.
  • EnchantedMOB and ZAMination both have their own YouTube channels.
  • They confirmed Poppy Playtime's release via a post on YouTube.

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