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Oh, no name? We'll give them one!

Love Dog has not been given a name yet, so this name will currently be used unless the official one will be revealed.

Cassie.png Contains deleted/unused/discontinued information.

This article contains information that has been discontinued, deleted, and/or unused by MOB games. Please keep in mind what that you are about to see is content that is unused.

Reason: Model can only be found within the files. No mention of them in any chapters.

Love Dog is a rejected toy by Playtime Co, who has yet to make a debut in a chapter. Its only appearance is its model seen in the files of Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.


Love Dog is a dull purple basset hound with black eyes, a large pink heart-shaped nose, and no mouth. It has a long body, short stubby legs and a pink tail.



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