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This article may have information that contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime. Please read at your own discretion!

Reason: Reveals Huggy Wuggy's code-name.

Log 08502 (otherwise referred to as The Second Experiment 1006 VHS Tape) is a VHS recording in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.


Log 08502 is a dirty black tape which can be located within Bay 09 by going to the top of the stairs and playing it in the same location. When the tape is inserted, the same scientist logs in relation to a certain 'The Prototype', his near escape, and his dark and dangerous personality.


Log 08502
BPM: 131
Audio Length: 1:31

"Log Code 08502. In relation: Experiment 1-0-0-6, 'The Prototype.'

A close call occurred this week, in which he nearly breached containment.

The Prototype seemingly disassembled the digital alarm clock within his room, and utilized the battery along with several other components to create a laser pointer which he then fired into the security camera, disabling it.

These actions allowed him 28.3 seconds completely unmonitored.

Once function returned to the camera, the room appeared to be empty.

One surveillance specialist went in to confirm his absence.

However, upon opening the door, she realized that the Prototype had hidden in one of the camera's blind spots.

The Prototype attempted to escape through the open door; however, another surveillance specialist was able to remotely re-lock the door, despite the other specialist still being inside.

One casualty occurred.

The Prototype seems to possess an unprecedented level of intelligence beyond that of all other test subjects, as well as an alarming willingness to commit violence.

Further suppression treatments will need to be enacted to ensure that no other experiments develop these qualities.

Experiment 1-1-7-0, 'Huggy Wuggy,' remains the optimal outcome due to his sufficient intelligence paired with maximum obedience.

End of log."


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