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Leith Pierre Closing, otherwise referred to as the Green VHS Tape is a VHS recording of Leith Pierre describing the security system at Playtime Co. for anyone breaking into the factory.


The Leith Pierre Closing is a green, dirty tape which can be located in the Main Entrance at the reception desk and can be recorded by placing it into the VHR to the right of the reception desk. When the tape is inserted, Leith Pierre can be heard warning anyone who breaks into the factory about the security system.


Leith Pierre Closing
BPM: 138
Audio Length: 0:50

Leith Pierre:

"Hi, my name is Leith Pierre and I'm the head of innovation here at the Playtime Co. Toy Factory.

Leith Pierre:

If you're seeing this, then you're trespassing. Yeah, we play this little tape on loop whenever we close the factory for the day. So trespasser, just to make you aware. While we pride ourselves primarily on our high quality toys and excellent childcare, we also pride ourselves on our security.

Leith Pierre:

For example, this facility is full of hidden motion triggers which, once set off, will set off the factory's emergency alarms and directly contact the authorities! And that's one of the more tame aspects of our security system. No spoilers...

Leith Pierre:
So, you've got my warning. It's not too late to turn around. I just hope you're certain whatever you're doing is worth it."


  • Leith Pierre's name is misspelt on the VHS Tape. His confirmed name is "Leith Pierre[1]
    • In multiple occasions, Leith Pierre's name is misspelt to be either 'Leith Pierre' or 'Leith Pierre'
      • Within the game, its actually confirmed that his name is actually spelt like "Leith Pierre"



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