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Leith Pierre

Oh, one last thing. Legals told me that we recently had an online leak of our internal security feed.. So uhh... Do NOT go digging around for that..
Laithe Pierre in Playtime Co. Merch Tape

Leith Pierre (also misspelt as Laithe Pierre or Laith Pierre) is the head of Innovation at Playtime Co.. He debuted in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime.


Leith Pierre seems to be an ingenious and proud man, someone who is very dedicated to his work and just like his work, he comes to be someone innovative and someone a bit jumpy, due to the fact that there is a rule about not hiding behind doors to scare him. It is also speculated that he is someone mysterious and peculiar or even some kind of villain, by hiding certain aspects about his work and being direct with the intruders. He is speculated to be a easily scared person as well, having certain things contact the authorities, and that being one of the "tame" parts of their security.

Leith Pierre seems to be arrogant in his position as the head of innovation at the company he works at and is not above mistreating his peers, speaking rudely to his employees and his workers, to the point of threatening to fire them.


  • As mentioned, Leith Pierre seems to be kind of jumpy, due to the rule in one of the posters which states "Do: NOT hide behind doors to scare Leith Pierre".
  • Leith Pierre also warned not to look at the Playtime Co. Security Feed but we have now already seen it.
  • It is speculated that Leith Pierre could be the one who created the GrabPack.



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