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Her name is Kissy. Kissy Missy! *giggles*
Kissy Missy's cutout

Kissy Missy[1] is a toy produced by Playtime Co. She was created in 1985, one year after Huggy Wuggy's release. She first debuted in the form of posters in Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze", and physically appeared in Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web" as a minor character/ally. She appeared as the tritagonist of Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep".


Chapter 2: Fly in a Web[]


An official render of Kissy

Kissy Missy's appearance is very similar to Huggy Wuggy. Like Huggy, she is a tall, slender creature with thick fur, but she is pink instead than Huggy's signature blue. The rest of her features such as her blue bow, yellow hands and feet, and eyes are similar to Huggy's with the exception of her eyelashes.

Project: Playtime[]

Kissy Missy is also seen in the spin-off horror title, Project: Playtime. Appearing as an unlockable skin for Huggy Wuggy, this version of Kissy Missy remains largely similar to her debut appearance. However, exceptions make her look like her better half of Huggy Wuggy - with a large maw featuring dozens of jagged, needle-like teeth. Her eyes also appear dilated, with pitch-white dot pupils.


"Huggy Wuggy’s better half and adorable counterpart, Kissy Missy, has a strange way of making any toy collection feel whole. She proved herself to be a perfect follow-up to Huggy Wuggy, making Playtime Co. a household name. No other plush could love you this much."
Playtime Co. Merch Website

For Huggy Wuggy, his general premise is to hug children, with his name being a play on the word 'Hug'. Going on the same logic, Kissy Missy's purpose would be to kiss children, hence it can be safely assumed that her toy form's personality is loving and kind.

According to the Digital Collectible Campaign, she is a stickler for rules and does not hold back on reprimanding those who go against said policies.

Unlike the other toys, who are very hostile, she appears to be benevolent, sweet, and helpful towards The Player, even going so far as to assisting them in opening the gate door via the lever on the other side rather than killing them. In Chapter 3, she assisted them once more alongside Poppy Playtime, serving as the latter's form of transportation in order to stop The Prototype and end this once and for all.

However, in the Hour of Joy Tape, she killed the train workers who were escorting her to Playcare, showing a much more ruthless and merciless side akin to Huggy Wuggy. It's worth noting that she returned to her original position soon afterwards, implying she didn't fully participate in the rebellion. Kissy also harbors bitter memories of Playcare, appearing again while exiting out of Home Sweet Home, but spared The Player's life under the request of Poppy Playtime as she had mistaken them for a threat.



Little is known about Kissy Missy, but through gathered information, it is revealed that she was made in 1985, one year after Huggy Wuggy was created. It is speculated that Playtime Co. made her due to the fact that Huggy skyrocketed in popularity, and so they seized the opportunity to create a feminine counterpart to further boost their popularity. (This was and still is a common trope in almost every industry to date. Should there be a boy/girl version of a toy, usually a variant of the same toy is released as the opposite gender.)

In the winter of 1991, Playtime Co. created Kissy Missy's experiment form as part of the Bigger Bodies Initiative, though she was mostly kept in Storage B.

Relocation and The Hour of Joy[]

A restricted, edited tape shows events that occurred on August 8th, 1995. At the beginning of the tape, it says that it has been altered by a third party, and later on, the tape repeatedly says to release Kissy. On that day, Kissy was loaded on a cargo train to be relocated to Playcare per the Bigger Bodies Contingency Plan. But on the way there, she was suddenly released from the straps as the train accelerated, and seconds later, The Hour of Joy took place. Influenced by The Prototype, Kissy Missy knocked down two workers handling her and later chased down another worker who ran away from her. By 11:14 AM she returned to the same position she was originally, but covered in blood and surrounded by corpses.

After The Hour of Joy, with the factory now abandoned, Kissy Missy would roam around inside. She would be present in 2005 when The Player returned to look for their missing coworkers.

Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web"[]

Kissy Missy makes a brief appearance in Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web", where she simply assists The Player before walking back into the darkness. She appears after attempting to enter the Cart Corridors. The door on the other side of the gate rises, revealing her silhouette, and she walks toward the gate in a similar manner to Huggy Wuggy (which might make players mistake her for her better half). When she reaches the gate, she notices The Player on the other side. Kissy tilts her head and stares at them for a moment before deciding what to do next. She then pulls down on the lever nearby, but her hand slips off of it, so she tries a second time, and she successfully pulls the lever. As the gate slowly rises, Kissy turns around, looking at The Player once again, and walks away, back into the darkness.

Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep"[]

Kissy Missy first makes her appearance in Home Sweet Home, looking at a picture of a girl.

After leaving Home Sweet Home, The Player is suddenly tackled by Kissy before Poppy Playtime talks her down. Afterwards, Kissy teams up with Poppy and The Player to take down CatNap and 1006. At the end of the chapter, Poppy tells Kissy to send them down on the lift. Unfortunately, they hear commotion and her shrieking on the way down, implying she was attacked or kidnapped, presumably by The Prototype. Poppy desperately attempts to raise the lift again to help Kissy before the hatch closes, but ultimately fails, leaving her fate unknown.


  • Before her official name was revealed on Twitter, "Lovey Dovey" was a popular name for her, given to her by fans.
  • Kissy Missy's relation to Huggy Wuggy has been confirmed, shown on the Kissy Missy Collectible.
    • As her description stated: ""Kissy Missy is more than just Huggy Wuggy's better half..."
      • The term better half means a partner or spouse.
  • When Kissy Missy pulls the lever in the Cart Corridors, she has what appears to be a tear in her left eye. This is due to her model not having its own textures, instead just replacing visible blue fur with pink fur from Huggy Wuggy's model. However, in Chapter 3, the tear is gone, meaning she now has her own model.
  • Digging into the game files reveal that Kissy's initial shadowy gait was indeed Huggy's walk.
  • Kissy Missy has the most cutout voice lines, with a total of nine.
  • Kissy is the main playable character in the Poppy Playtime DLC for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals.
  • During the adventure through Home Sweet Home, The Player can find Kissy looking at a photo of a girl, possibly implying that the girl was once her.
  • After restoring the Sky Dome's backup power, Kissy is seen waving at The Player while Ollie is talking.
  • It's speculated she helped Poppy at the end of Chapter 2.



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