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Isaac Christopherson is the Game Director for the hit indie-horror game Poppy Playtime and a employee for EnchantedMOB.


Isaac would first start animating content on a Youtube channel under the name of "Isacx". This channel is now be known as "3A Display". Isaac would take a break from Youtube and EnchantedMOB to become a game director, and create Poppy Playtime. After four months of development with additional help from EnchantedMOB, the first chapter would release and would blow up.

Development Role

Game Director

Isaac directs Poppy Playtime and its future chapters, and is the director for MOB Games.


Isaac was one of the many people to write the story and the lore for Poppy Playtime


Isaac worked on the animation for Poppy Playtime.


  • Isaac confirmed within the Discord Server that there will be more updates to the Playtime Co. Security Feed. It is unknown when it will update again.

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