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Huggy Wuggy
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His name is Huggy, Huggy Wuggy! When he hugs you he will never stop! Your friend Huggy, Huggy Wuggy! He will squeeze you until you pop!
Huggy Wuggy's theme song, Poppy Playtime Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze"

Huggy Wuggy is a toy produced by Playtime Co., who made his debut in Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze" as its main antagonist.

In Chapter 1, Huggy Wuggy is initially introduced as a living entity created in 1991 under the Bigger Bodies Initiative. After breaking into the Playtime Co. Factory, he is depicted as a statue located in the Main Lobby of the factory. However, once The Player restores power to the entire facility, Huggy mysteriously disappears. Throughout the chapter, Huggy makes occasional, brief appearances until he finally reveals himself and starts chasing the player during the intense Ventilation Chase sequence. Towards the end of the chapter, he is seen plummeting deep into the abyss of the factory.

During Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep", Huggy Wuggy makes a minor appearance as an antagonist. While trapped in a hallucination caused by CatNap's gas, The Player discovers a VHS Tape that greets new employees. As the tape plays, the game forcefully compels The Player to watch as a distorted, nightmarish version of Huggy emerges from the screen and begins to pursue them. He quickly catches them and jumpscares them, causing them to wake up from their nightmare.

Experiment 1170, his Bigger Bodies experiment title, was created with obedient qualities, enabling the Playtime Co. staff to train Huggy to serve as a guardian for the factory during guest visits. However, these obedient traits became corrupted as The Prototype redirected Huggy's objectives. Before his highly anticipated debut, Huggy, following his training, was required to stand and patiently wait for the arrival of a human presence, specifically The Player.


Huggy Wuggy is a tall, slender creature covered in thick, bright blue fur. His arms and legs are 10ft in length and end in large yellow hands and feet. His hands have large Velcro straps on the palms, and both they and his feet possess four digits, including thumbs, though they're merely just stitches and are unable to move individually (with the exception of the thumbs). His torso is stout and disproportionately small in comparison to his long limbs. His head is large and contains two large black, dilated eyes. On his face are oversized, cartoonish, bright red lips.

His monster counterpart mostly remains the same, with the exception of his eyes being dilated bigger than intended, giving off a deranged and disturbing physique. Behind his lips is a maw of dozens of jagged needle-like teeth. Closer observation of Huggy's mouth shows a secondary set of jaws located near his throat, akin to that of a moray eel.

His nightmare form is similar to the original Huggy's, but he is now much taller, his face is more skewed, his mouth has been elongated and the side parts at the top of his head are shaped into devilish horns. He has two black sockets in place of his eyes, and his teeth are longer and thinner. The rest of his body remains the same, but his hands and feet now have splayed, elongated fingers and toes that resemble claws. He also seems to lack the secondary jaws at the back of his mouth that the original Huggy had.

Using the tallest man Robert Wadlow’s height and weight of 8’11 and 439 lbs, and his BMI of 27, Huggy Wuggy's height and weight can be estimated to be around 18’0 and 1795 lbs.


Originally marketed as a toy intended solely for providing platonic love through hugging, Huggy Wuggy was designed to possess warm and appreciative qualities.

Huggy Forest Jumpscare

Huggy stalking and killing someone during RESTRICTED_disppearance.

Meanwhile, his Bigger Bodies counterpart retained a similar purpose, serving as a guardian to children and only reacting aggressively when faced with hostility. This was exemplified on June 18, 1992, when Huggy went on a rampage upon being attacked with darts. He was known to be "obedient" as long as no aggression was directed towards him, which was explicitly stated in Log 08502. However, under the influence of The Prototype, Huggy transformed into a relentless, genocidal entity driven by his given objectives, lacking control and mercilessly killing anyone who stood in his way.

When The Player returned in 2005, Huggy strictly adhered to the objectives given by The Prototype. His task was to surveil and protect the Playtime Co. factory, alerting others to the presence of any new intruders. Huggy took a stealthy approach, stalking The Player until finally confronting them with a lethal embrace.


Before Poppy Playtime[]

Huggy Wuggy was created by Playtime Co. in 1984, and he quickly became a huge success and one of the many signature toys of Playtime Co. A female counterpart, Kissy Missy, was created in 1985. In 1990, Playtime Co. started the Bigger Bodies Initiative, conducting numerous unethical and highly illegal experiments on the orphans who lived in Playcare, one such example being Huggy Wuggy, who was known as Experiment 1170. His purpose was to function as part of the factory's security,[1] while spending the day posing as a statue in the Main Lobby.

In March 1991, Huggy Wuggy was noticed by visitors to be looking at them. Rowan Stoll reported their complaints to Leith Pierre on the 30th, believing someone could've put nanny cameras in Huggy Wuggy's eyes. On May 28, Rowan sent an apology to Leith, explaining a maintenance worker told him the eyes weren't locked in place, giving the illusion they were moving.[2][3]

Disappearance incident[]

At 10:27 PM on June 18, 1992, Experiment 1170 managed to escape the Playtime Co. factory through an open bay delivery door. Two staff members witnessed his swift escape and sounded the alarm. He traveled nearly a half-mile from the factory before a survival team was deployed at 10:30 PM. One employee, presumably a male adult, was driving through the forest in an attempt to catch up with 1170 by driving to the railroad covering most of the land around the factory. He quickly stopped when he came across a creature wandering around in the forest. Aggressively and swiftly, Huggy rammed himself straight into his car's windshield, frightening him and resulting in him attempting to shoot Huggy with tranquilizer darts. The man successfully shot Huggy, but died at his hands in the process.

At 10:38 PM, the security team began to block and surround 1170 at a railroad crossing. Catching up with Huggy, they successfully shot him with a tranquilizer dart in his left leg. Unfortunately, he escaped back into the forest. The security team then spread outwards using their increased search radius of four miles. However, their radios became unreliable as they were outside of the effective zone. At 11:33 PM, an unknown security worker roamed the woods, encountering the fresh corpse of a deer. They then heard crunching and snaps before Huggy Wuggy appeared, staring down at them ominously before presumably killing them. Later, the worker's still recording camera would capture Huggy Wuggy loudly shrieking in the woods. At 3:38 AM, a camera caught Huggy Wuggy motionlessly standing in front of a suburban house. Huggy would later be caught and brought back to the factory over five hours after his escape. Five workers had died and six were unaccounted for.

After the incident, Leith Pierre wrote a document explaining how 1170 escaped the factory through the ventilation system, stating it was only blind luck that he was caught before being seen by anyone else. He concluded his document by saying that neither he nor the Innovation Department were happy regarding what had happened that night. These events would be documented in a restricted VHS tape and a security report.[4]

The Hour of Joy[]


Huggy Wuggy killing a series of civilians in the Main Lobby.

On August 8th, 1995, half a decade after the disappearance of The Prototype, an emergency warning was broadcasted upon all televisions and electronics in the Playtime Co. factory. It was stated for all employees to hide as the experiments' rampage against Playtime Co. began. It is heavily implied to have begun with Huggy Wuggy being influenced by the Prototype to mindlessly kill all of the employees in the Main Lobby. This was all depicted in the Hour of Joy VHS recording, which recorded snippets of Huggy Wuggy and various other toys, such as Mommy Long Legs, the Ruined Critters, Miss Delight and her sisters, Kissy Missy, Boxy Boo and CatNap, in that order as shown via the tape.

Project: Playtime[]

Main Article: Huggy Wuggy (Project Playtime)

After the catastrophic events of The Hour of Joy, Leith Pierre emerged as one of the few known survivors. Driven by his determination to carry on with the Bigger Bodies Initiative, Leith Pierre initiated Project: Playtime. This project involved dispatching six "Resource Extraction Specialists" into the Playtime Co. factory, where rampant toys roamed freely. Their mission was to retrieve artifacts related to the Bigger Bodies experiments, despite the threatening risk of facing potential death. In the end, this project would fall futile as, canonically, the employees would be killed by the toys and fed to the smaller Bigger Bodies experiments such as the Wuggies and the Ruined Critters.

During the Monster Tutorial, it is divulged that Huggy Wuggy plays a vital role as one of the selected toys assigned by the Prototype to provide sustenance to the smaller experiments.

After Project: Playtime was cancelled, Huggy and the other experiments were left without a source of food. Desperate and out of options, he and the other bigger experiments began to eat the smaller toys to survive. Huggy continued to live in the abandoned factory for the next decade until The Player's return in 2005.

During Poppy Playtime[]

Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze"[]

Huggy Wuggy makes his debut appearance in the Main Lobby, appearing as the main attraction for all tourists who engaged in Playtime Co.'s scheduled tours, as they are stated to exist in the Vintage Poppy Commercial, which doubles as an advertisement for fans to potentially tour the factory. Upon unlocking Security and obtaining the GrabPack and its Blue Hand, The Player now has the ability to delve deeper into the factory. Upon making an attempt to open a shut door which required the Blue Hand, the power cuts off and Huggy can now be seen with a yellow key hung on his "fingers" to be attained. This key opens the Power Room, which requires a mere electric current towards two nodes. This can be done using the GrabPack its its electricity-conducting wires.

Upon resetting power to the Main Lobby, Huggy Wuggy is now missing from his podium. Huggy goes on to stalk The Player as they make their way through the facility. During this time, Huggy is briefly seen twice. The first time, his arm is seen sticking out of the door in the Make-A-Friend hallway after the Main Lobby. He is later seen again in the Warehouse peeking from one of the vents before closing it when the player goes to the balcony a second time.

Huggy's Death

Huggy Wuggy's death.

The game reaches its climax when The Player activates the power in the Make-A-Friend room. To progress, they must create their own Swap-imals toy, which serves as a keycard to unlock a sealed door. Upon opening the door with the Cat-Bee toy, Huggy Wuggy emerges from the dark hallway and starts chasing The Player. Their only escape route from Huggy is through the Ventilation Shaft, where the intense Huggy Chase takes place. As they navigate through the maze-like ventilation system, Huggy Wuggy pursues them, mirroring their every move. At times, The Player must wait for narrow shafts to open while Huggy closes in on them.

Ultimately, The Player reaches a pair of catwalks where Huggy fiercely pounds on the ventilation door. Their only option is to pull down a wooden crate, which causes Huggy to crash through the door and lunge towards them. However, Huggy ends up under the wooden crate as it was falling, sending Huggy to his death by plummeting into the depths of the Playtime Co. Factory after colliding with a series of large pipes.

Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web"[]

Huggy does not make an appearance in this chapter, but is instead mentioned in the second tape discussing Experiment 1006, in which he was confirmed to be a different entity, as he went with the alias Experiment 1170 instead. In the Water Treatment zone, a vent surrounded by blood and blue fur can be seen in a specific room meaning that The Prototype took him away to graft him on his body. Even though he's not in the chapter, smaller versions of him known as Mini Huggies appear in the Wack-a-Wuggy game in Game Station.

Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep"[]

Home Sweet Home[]

Upon entering Home Sweet Home, The Player encounters The Red Smoke. Despite Ollie's warnings, they walk through it and ultimately pass out in the real world. Unbeknownst to them, CatNap seamlessly puts them into a trance within their mind, while they remain unconscious in reality. CatNap twists Home Sweet Home to be a nightmarish labyrinth filled with unsettling images of children and eerie messages etched into the wood. As The Player unknowingly wanders around the location without their only source of defense, their GrabPack, they're subjected to a radio recording of a news outlet covering the recent passing of a person near Elliot Ludwig's residency.

The disturbing scene climaxes when The Player reaches an unknown nursing room. A tape titled "Welcome To Playtime" sits on a bed. After obtaining the tape, the previously-open door slams closed on The Player. They're is subjected to watch the tape, which during its starting runtime, only appears as a greeting tape for all new employees. It states that the employees have the ability to watch over the children, wander around the area, and more.


Nightmare Huggy's jumpscare.

Over the course of the tape's runtime, it begins to outright call out employees who may be unhappy with something they've "done". During the concluding segment of the tape, the tape begins to take a more monotone turn as the announcer directly calls out The Player's actions for not being present for the other toys, mocking them for descending downwards into the factory. The announcer describes the factory as "their world", and welcomes The Player "home". Suddenly, a monstrous version of Huggy Wuggy emerges from the TV and begins chasing The Player.

Defenseless, they have no choice but to head down the never-ending corridor they had previously entered. The monstrous Huggy Wuggy taunts The Player, intentionally slowing down as they approach, before finally delivering a jumpscare. The Player suddenly wakes up in the real world, lying on the floor.

CatNap Dream sequence[]

Later on during the runtime of Chapter 3, CatNap knocks The Player out and puts them through a lucid trance. Using the voice of Poppy, CatNap attempts to dissuade the player from delving further into the Playtime Co. Factory. Through Poppy's voice, CatNap poses questions that are answered through vague hallucinations of lively environments prior to The Hour of Joy, showcasing joyous children running around Home Sweet Home and the Playhouse. The sequence makes an attempt to put The Player through the lens of the toys, proving The Hour of Joy to be an event in retaliation to Playtime Co. and their Bigger Bodies Initiative.


Huggy as seen during the Dream Sequence.

Towards the end of the dream sequence, The Player finds themselves in a spiralling red cloud with only the presence of Huggy Wuggy. CatNap, speaking through Poppy's voice, questions them, "Do you know what's real?" and then declares, "No, you don't," in a more focused tone than before, ending the echoing. The Player is later taken to the Main Lobby yet again, overrun with The Red Smoke and its glass dome shattered open. Presumably taking the perspective of Huggy Wuggy, The Prototype reaches down towards The Player, which can later be called back to the beginning of The Hour of Joy when Huggy was taken control of by The Prototype and ordered to kill anything in sight.

Abilities and Anatomy[]

While walking, Huggy has a stiff, yet rather lithe and oddly organic-like gait. He is capable of breaking into incredible bursts of speed, using his long arms and legs to propel himself forward. While crawling through the vents after The Player, Huggy is able to bend and contort his body to fit into tight spaces. Before The Player drops the crate onto Huggy on the catwalk, he can be seen sprinting towards them on all fours, much like an ape. Due to his sheer height of a whopping 18 feet tall, he possesses a size advantage against average humans. During the vent chase, Huggy is able to cut off and keep up with The Player by navigating through the ventilation system. He also wields formidable brute strength, capable of damaging and knocking down barriers, including those constructed from metal. Huggy is mentioned to possess a digestive system.

In Log 08502, Huggy was briefly mentioned as Experiment 1170, and was dubbed the most optimal subject, as he possesses the ideal amount of intelligence and is obedient to the scientists working at the company.


  • According to Micah Preciado, Huggy Wuggy was not actually inspired by any animal like a dog. Instead, he was inspired by Sour Patch Kids[5].
    • Huggy Wuggy’s design, however, may have been based on a Hanging Monkey Plush, as they both have long limbs, hand and feet that are the same, and Velcro plates on their hands. (With may be how Huggy gives hugs.)
  • Huggy Wuggy's height stays inconsistent throughout the chapters:
    • During Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze, it was said that Huggy Wuggy was 17 feet[6], although after Chapter 2: Fly in a Web's release, it was said on Twitter that Huggy was 18 feet.[7]
  • In a trailer headshot close-up of Huggy, it seemed that behind his plastic "eyes" lie big bloodshot, human-like eyes.
    • However, this has been proven false, as the eyes are assumed to have been a reflection of the floor.
  • Huggy's lips and teeth move around when he attacks the player.
  • Huggy is presumed to have once been human and the one who wrote the countless words within the walls in the Ventilation Shaft, as some writing in the Ventilation Shaft says "This isn't my body."
    • This is evident by the fact that some writing says "Starving" and "I'm so hungry." This is further proven by the fact that he seems to eat The Player when he catches them.
    • This is further enforced since during the Hour of Joy VHS tape, Huggy Wuggy is seen biting off a few co-worker's heads before chasing after a few more workers in the Main Lobby.
    • This, however, is contested, as three different entities can be depicted talking to The Player throughout the Ventilation Shaft via the conveyor walls, and some of the writing is actually guiding The Player through the vents instead of attempting to trick them.
  • Huggy Wuggy is confirmed to be Kissy Missy's lover, based on her profile on the digital collectible website, as “Better half” is a term for a spouse.
  • An interesting fact to note is that one of the Huggy Wuggy toys in the Main Lobby seems to be sitting down with the front of the box broken or opened. This Huggy toy has his eyes blacked out and a large grin showing his teeth.
    • This could have been a foreshadowing to Huggy Wuggy's return in Chapter 3 as the hallucination with the eyes blacked out and the large grin.
  • Huggy Wuggy is the only returning toy character from Chapter 1 to return in Chapter 3 as a secondary antagonist, alongside Poppy Playtime (who appeared in Chapter 1 as well) and Kissy Missy who appeared in Chapter 2.
    • Huggy climbing out of the TV in Chapter 3 was actually teased on an official sticker back in 2021.
  • When Nightmare Huggy jumpscares The Player, his hands wrap around the whole person, when moving the camera away.
  • According to P.W. in the Orientation Notebook, he at one point heard Jimmy Roth claim it was he who suggested Huggy Wuggy to be blue. [8]


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