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This article may have information that contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime. Please read at your own discretion!

Reason: This page contains spoilers regarding Mommy Long Legs' ultimate fate.

Hide-and-Seek is a chase sequence where The Player must escape from a deranged Mommy Long Legs to go back to the Game Station and board the Train to escape the factory. It made its debut towards the end of Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime.


After Mommy proclaims that she 'will find' The Player since they escaped from the Statues game, The Player is now trying to get back to the Game Station to find Poppy and board the Train to escape the factory, but suddenly, the vent flooring beneath them gives way, sending The Player falling into a dim area with a locked door and a hole in the ceiling above.

As The Player fires their GrabPack to try to lift themselves out of the room, Mommy roars in anger and drops down from the darkness above, having turned torn and dirty, scowling and yelling furiously at The Player for 'cheating' by escaping Statues, and how she 'hates' cheaters. She then tells The Player they are going to play 'one last game' of Hide-and-Seek, and her eyes dilate as her fingers turn alarmingly long and claw-like. Mommy then gives The Player a 10-second head start to hide from her, and stops at two abruptly if The Player has already fled down the stairs. If not, she will scream, jumpscaring and killing them.

The Player must run through the rooms under the factory until they find a grate door, in which they must flick four levers nearby in a specific order to open it. Above The Player are a set of clues to help identify the order in which the levers must be pulled. Mommy will appear at the end of the tunnel after leaving the room, accompanied by her hysterical laughter and giggles. The Player must pull themselves upwards quickly where the lever clues were to escape Mommy.

After Mommy leaves, The Player can continue through the tunnel into the Incinerating Room, where they must find a gear mold, make a new gear and place it in the machine to open the next grate door. However, Mommy finds The Player again, and they must go into the incinerator, pull the doors closed and wait until she leaves.

The Player can then continue into the room past the grate door and over the bridge and flick the lever, where Mommy will show up again and begin chasing them back towards the Incinerating Room, where The Player will soon fall through a hole into what are presumed to be the underground sewer system, where The Player must dodge and run from Mommy as she tries to reach them by extending her arms. The Player must then seize their chance to grapple up, after which The Player will land on a ruined corridor, at which point they must grapple again, swinging across the gaping hole in the floor. The Player will come to the Emergency Exit door, where they must scan their blue GrabPack hand while Mommy bursts from the end of the corridor and starts running maddeningly towards The Player.

Upon finishing scanning, The Player must quickly go inside as Mommy charges after them. However, she is so eager to catch them that she gets her left hand stuck in the grinder. The Player then pulls the grinder's lever promptly, and it begins to operate, reeling Mommy in as she hollers that The Player 'can't do this' to her, and that 'he'll' make her 'part of him'. Mommy lets out a terrible scream as her abdomen is crushed, killing her. Her torso then severs from her corpse and collapses to the ground, which is then dragged away by a mysterious claw. The door to the right of The Player then opens, allowing them to enter Bay 09.



  • Mommy referring to Hide-and-Seek as 'one last game' possibly means that she has disregarded The Player's participation in Statues, due to them 'cheating' and escaping, and thinks that they owe her a game still.
  • The blood splattering the grinder as Mommy's abdomen is crushed confirms that she is organic.
  • The black streaks under Mommy's eyes as she is yelling at The Player that they 'cheated' look akin to tears, as if she had been crying.
    • Even some of the sounds she makes while chasing the Player sound like weeping.


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