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This article may contain information that is disturbing or triggering for some audiences. Please proceed with caution!

Reason: The tape shows a co-worker's head being ripped off and the unused version of it's music was depressing.


The Grab Pack Training, otherwise referred to as the Blue VHS Tape is a VHS recording of a tutorial on how to operate and use your very own GrabPack


The Grab Pack Training is a dark blue, dirty tape which can be located on a desk in the Security Office and can be recorded by placing it into the VHR by implementing it into the blue VCR under the TV to the right. When the tape is inserted, a series of images will fade in & fade out, teaching you how to use your GrabPack


Grab Pack Training
BPM: 125
Audio Length: 0:58

Nobody is speaking, check the Contents section for the transcript itself.



  • The Grab Pack Training has unused 4 versions. One of them has a unused motto of Playtime Co.
    • The unused motto was: "It's what's inside that's special."
    • One of the versions had music from an album called Everywhere at the End of Time. The song playing in the background was called "Childishly fresh eyes".
      • MOB Games might have scrapped this version of the tape due to the song's meaning is disturbing and depressing. The song's meaning was about dementia. After the scrapped version, MOB Games took inspiration from it and "It's Just A Burning Memory" and made the "It's Playtime" song.


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