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This article may have information that contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime. Please read at your own discretion!

Not what you're looking for? See GrabPack 2.0 from Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep".

The GrabPack (also stylized as Grab Pack on the Grab Pack Training tape) is the main, and most invaluable utility in Poppy Playtime. It allows The Player to interact with the world by grabbing, pulling and collecting objects, open GrabPack-exclusive doors, connect wires to turn power back on, carry electrical impulses to and from power sources, and move The Player across areas.

The GrabPack also appears in the spin-off title Project: Playtime, acting as a major utility required for solving the puzzles featured on the Puzzle Pillars.

An upgraded GrabPack, dubbed the GrabPack 2.0, replaces the GrabPack in Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep", with the ability to switch between a selection of hands, including new ones that were not previously available on the original GrabPack.


The GrabPack appears to be made up of three parts: a backpack-like coil box with a retractable cable, and two hands attached to them, one blue and one red (green in Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web"). The hands are activated using triggers that fire the cables. The cable is capable of conducting electricity, and is used to turn on power throughout the game. The blue hand is situated on the left and is the only hand available when first getting the GrabPack in Security.


Chapter 1: "A Tight Squeeze"[]

The Player collects the GrabPack after watching the tutorial tape in Security. They continue to use their new-found hand to restore power to the factory by extending the GrabPack's wire to three power nodes Power Room. With the power restored, The Player clears the locked obstacle and continues to the Make-A-Friend Warehouse.

The red hand, however, must be collected from the Warehouse. Four randomly-generated Power Circuits must be found to restore power to the crane, which will move the glass cage containing the Red GrabPack hand towards The Player. After obtaining said hand, move into the Ventilation System, utilizing Both GrabPack hands in order to transfer power to the conveyors. When activating the power, the conveyors will turn on and the Make-A-Friend room will be accessed.

Use both hands to turn on the power in the Make-A-Friend room by going upstairs to the catwalks. Keep one of the hands stuck on the power receiver while also attempting to get into another non-functional power receiver. An alternate path must be made using slide-able platforms to minimize the amount of wire-length used.

After creating a Cat-Bee toy, opening the door, and encountering Huggy Wuggy, The Player will have to navigate through the vents. After successfully escaping the vents, the GrabPack must be used to pull down a box in order to break the pathway that connects from the vents to the other side. Finally, upon finding Poppy in the Poppy Room, use the GrabPack to open her case, finishing the chapter.

Chapter 2: "Fly in a Web"[]

After Mommy Long Legs takes the red hand from The Player, they create the green hand in the Molding Room and use its electricity transfer ability to open doors throughout the game. It is also used in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep"[]

The GrabPack was redesigned in Chapter 3, with the hands showing signs of weathering. It is used prominently to traverse the Trash Compactor and access Playcare, before being replaced by the GrabPack 2.0.

Project: Playtime[]

The GrabPack found within Project: Playtime is a vital utility for the Survivors as they undertake to restore artifacts by solving puzzles seen throughout the now-decommissioned Playtime Co. factory. This tool can be used to reach specific areas, create obstacles, and gain an edge over monsters that roam the area.

Many cosmetics can also be purchased within the game, featuring entirely new versions of the GrabPack alongside cosmetic-based GrabPack hands. None of these purchasable hands give any advantages or new abilities.

A Sabotage a monster can equip known as No Pack creates a diversion for the survivors' by jamming their GrabPack's, having survivors either wait out the Sabotage or get assistance from another survivor in order to have a functional GrabPack again.

Usage GIF Description Hands accessible
Push, pull or collect items
The GrabPack can push or pull items. The same function is used for collecting items. Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Conduct electricity
The GrabPack has the ability to connect electricity from one source to another. Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Scan to open doors
The GrabPack can open GrabPack-exclusive doors by holding the hand on the scanner. Blue, Red and Green
Carry electricity
The green GrabPack hand has the ability to take energy from one source and carry it to another. The charge isn't permanent though. Green
Move the Player across areas
The GrabPack hands have the ability to grab or stick to surfaces, allowing the Player to move across, up or down areas & gaps. Blue, Red, Green, Purple


In the mobile version, The Player can move with the joystick and jump with the jump button. Press the button of a colored hand to shoot the respective hand. The hand will grab the object. Press it again to let go of the object. If the hand grabs an object and the player holds the respective colored hand button, the hand will pull the object towards the player. (Note: It is unknown how the player can stick a GrabPack hand on a surface and move across in the mobile version.)

Action Keybind
Run Shift
Crouch Ctrl
Pause Esc/Tab
Interact E
Jump Space
Fire left hand Left click
Fire right hand Right click


  • Colored handprints can be seen (usually on doorways) in some rooms to direct The Player.
  • It was confirmed that there were going to be new hands introduced in Chapter 3: "Deep Sleep".[1]
    • One hand was later revealed to be a purple GrabPack hand, which has the ability to propel the player.
      • The Purple Hand is one of two Hands where it is not needed to watch the tape to unlock the Hand (The other one is the Green Hand).
    • Another hand was revealed in the second game trailer to be an Orange hand, which is shaped like a finger gun and is able to shoot flares.
      • The Orange hand is the first hand to not have the ability to extend.
  • The GrabPack was first conceived by Isaac Christopherson.[2]
  • The GrabPack's tutorial hilariously warns not to use the GrabPack to grab a coworker's head or extremities, as doing so may result in dismemberment or decapitation.
  • The Blue hand might stay with The Player for the entirety of the game.
  • The thumbs of the hands don't appear to be opposable.



The Hands[]

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