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The Gift Shop is a location in the Playtime Co. factory, situated to the right of the Main Entrance.


The Gift Shop can be located simply by going to the right when you are in the Main Entrance during the start of Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. Down the hallway to the Gift Shop, there are several large glass containers that have been shattered with the glass all over the floor.

Within the Gift Shop includes a simple ship full of Boogie Bot boxes, Candy Cat boxes, and Huggy Wuggy boxes on shelves. The rom appears to be ransacked, as there are shelves turned over, boxes opened up and torn, and blood on the counter. The room also includes a cash register in the far back alongside with a bloody Boogie Bot head to the side.

Alongside all of this, a train can be seen going in circles on the ceiling. This train includes the pattern for the Security Office. The code is Green, Pink, Yellow, Red.



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