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Formal Request Form is an item found in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It serves no purpose in completing the game, however, it may be linked to a part of the lore.


The Assessment Form is a filled in form with a blue background. The form reads as below:

Formal Request Form


Dr. Matthew Wayson

Nature of Request

Windows in game station


I don't know if you've ever spent weeks on end in a windowless, artificially lit rooms, but let me tell you something: it's far from pleasant. The kids are getting rowdy too. You can just see it on their faces. I know there's not really a way to get natural light down here, but there's other ways, right? I'm thinking about fake windows. all around.. Do that. and bam! There's some actual LIFE down here. I saw it on TV last week. This underground place had fake windows. Big lights behind glass. It makes the whole place feel sunlit. It's nice! You want everyone in the right headspace for these games. don't you? Do the right thing



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