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Experiment 814 is an item found in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It serves no purpose in completing the game, however, it may be linked to a part of the lore.


Experiment 184 can be found within Elliot Ludwig's Office, and when viewed within the inventory, you can read Elliot Ludwig documenting what happened during a span of time after putting a live rat inside a unknown poppy gel. The test subject ends up being unresponsive, and the documented events have failed. Elliot Ludwig also writes a analysis on how he still has potential with the gel, even after countless attempts. Its "unusual properties" had also encouraged Ludiwg. The note ends with Ludiwg questioning if something larger like a human were to be experimented with this Poppy Gel.


Experiment 814


  • This experiment utilized a live rat.
  • Rat was fed 3 portions daily for 2 weeks.
  • At the end of the two weeks, the rat was killed and submerged into a poppy flower and preservative gel mixture.
  • 1 week later, an electric shock was applied to the rat (still in the gel) in an attempt to revive it.
  • The rat remained unresponsive.


I still believe in the potential of the poppy flower. Its unusual properties lead me to believe that the proper mixture and procedure could have life altering properties. The poppy flower has for a long time carried heavy symbolism, and I don't believe that's for no reason. Perhaps something larger than a rat would yield different results.


  • It is presumed that Elliot Ludwig kept attempting to use this gel to revive his lost family member mentioned within Elliot Ludwig's Biography.


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