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EnchantedMOB is the main company for MOB Games. This company also makes child-friendly Minecraft animations. They also make Five Nights at Freddy's animations (in Minecraft style).

The Company is currently based in St. Louis Missouri, United States.


EnchantedMOB is the people responsible for creating the MOB Games company. The company was intended to be a hobby, but now has turned to a digital media company which creates and distributes high quality animated content on several highly successful YouTube channels. EnchantedMOB pride themselves on producing the highest quality content they can while also growing their business to new heights.


February 26, 2014 [Phase 1 - Hobby]

Phase 1 of EnchantedMOB began when Seth Belanger created the EnchantedMOB YouTube channel. At this time, Seth was an animator who simply wanted a place to upload his passion projects. This phase ended with the release of "Welcome Home" on December 19, 2015.

December 19, 2015 [Phase 2 - Vision]

Phase 2 began with the release of "Welcome Home," because Seth and his brother Zach then began to work on a project called "Be A Hero." While not a staple video of EnchantedMOB, "Be A Hero" was the first project Seth and Zach worked on with the goal of creating a media company, instead of pursuing a hobby. Additionally, while bringing this project to life, Seth and Zach first envisioned what they wanted the company EnchantedMOB to become.

January 5, 2019 [Phase 3 - Optimization]

Phase 3 began when EnchantedMOB released "Save Me." This project marks the beginning of Phase 3, because it was the first video ever released on the EnchantedMOB YouTube channel in which Seth did not create the majority of the visuals. Seth and Zach had worked throughout 2018 to attempt to create a video in this way, but their plan did not begin to come to fruition until the release of "Save Me." This phase is still the most current phase the company is undergoing.




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