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Elliot Ludwig Biography (otherwise known as the Brown VHS Tape) is a VHS recording in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.


Elliot Ludwig’s Biography is a brown, dirty tape which can be located in Elliot Ludwig's Office and can be recorded by placing it into the VHR to the right of the entrance of it.


Brown VHS Tape
BPM: 123
Audio Length: 1:01

Narrator: "Playtime Co. is the product of a great man, by the name of Elliot Ludwig."

Narrator: "Divorced, but a family man at heart, his sights were always set on bringing amazing toys to amazing children around the globe."

Narrator: "Ludwig spent countless hours in the factory, working overtime relentlessly in an attempt to continuously innovate and surprise."

Narrator: "In the 1960's, an unfortunate family death had pushed Ludwig down to his lowest."

Narrator: "But with so much ambition, he rose back up and continued to fulfill his vision for the Playtime Co. toy factory."

Narrator: "Ludwig could never be content leaving a project unfinished, but just how did one man come to create such an astounding empire?"

Narrator: "How did he manage to stay determined, even after suffering such a tragic loss?"

Narrator: "It all began in the faithful year of 19-"

(The tape is cut out by static.)


  • The video is in the style of a biographical documentary detailing his life.
  • Elliot Ludwig's face appears to be censored in the recording, either with black boxes or blurring. The in-universe reason for this is currently unknown, but the out-of-universe reason may be due to the game developers using stock photographs and footage while creating the tape.


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