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Reason: Spoilers regarding the Vintage Poppy Commercial and Playtime Co.

Elliot Ludwig

There is nothing more gratifying to my soul than being the reason for a child's smile. To be the spark that ignites all their hopes and dreams. We owe everything to these children; this company and its toys are nothing without them.
Elliot Ludwig

Elliot Ludwig is an overarching character in the Poppy Playtime franchise, appearing prominently in the Vintage Poppy Commercial. He was the Founder and Overseer of Playtime Co.


Elliot Ludwig is depicted through in-game photos as a be-suited man with fair skin, an unknown hair color, and an unknown eye color. His face is always obscured by a large black rectangle. Ludwig's voice is heard for the first time in the Chapter 3 Teaser Trailer and in Playcare Introduction.


Elliot was described in the Elliot Ludwig Biography as "Divorced, but a family man at heart", who overcame the tragic loss of an unknown family member. He was a hardworking man who often stayed behind at all hours in order to achieve his goals, essentially creating the empire that is Playtime Co.

Elliot had a strong regard for love, happiness, joy, and smiling, especially when it comes to the happiness of children, with Elliot himself saying: "There is nothing more gratifying to my soul than being the reason for a child's smile." A newspaper article about him implied his workaholic behavior was solely intended to bring joy to children, despite personal tragedies. His speech in Playcare Introduction displayed his hope that the lives of children living in Playcare would be filled with joy and happiness.



Playtime Co. was founded in 1930 by the brilliant Elliot Ludwig, a visionary and creative genius who devoted every waking second of his life to bring joy to children. However, this relentless work ethic came at the cost of his personal life, as his wife Molly divorced him in 1930. Despite both this and an unfortunate family death in the 1960s, Elliot never stopped creating, revolutionizing the toy industry to bring happiness to millions around the globe.
Elliot Ludwig's description on the old merch website

Playtime Co.[]

Ludwig's Design

Elliot Ludwig drawing a toy design.

At an unknown point in time, Elliot Ludwig met and later married a woman named Molly. Intent on making children happy, Elliot founded an American toy-making company named Playtime Co. in 1930. He devoted every waking second of his life to designing and crafting toys, often working overtime consistently. These toys soon made national headlines, letting Ludwig build more factories and hire more employees, essentially growing his empire. Unfortunately, this behavior strained Elliot's marriage and this relationship climaxed upon Molly divorcing him. Although a major blow had been dealt to his personal life, Elliot continued to fulfill his vision for his company.


Elliot Ludwig as seen in Playtime Co. promotional material.

By 1950, Playtime Co. was regarded as "the king of the toy-manufacturing industry" and Elliot was now a wealthy and successful entrepreneur. This was also the year he released a commercial dedicated to the new Poppy Playtime (A doll designed to behave and interact with their owner in a realistic human manner.), alongside offering factory tours for a mere $2.99 a person.



A poster promoting Playtime Co.'s Foster and Adoptive Care Initiative.

In the 1960s, an unnamed family member of Ludwig died, greatly devastating him. Despite this tragic loss, Elliot pressed onward towards his goal, creating a new toy: Bron the Dinosaur, who soon joined Playtime Co.'s growing roster of mascots. Elliot also created the Make-A-Friend Machine, which built toys automatically (when given the proper toy parts) and eliminated the requirement for manual labor.

In 1976, Elliot incorporated orphan adoption into the toy company's brand, encouraging employees to adopt an orphan and grant them a safe home. Elliot eventually announced the opening of Playcare (Playtime Co.'s new on-site orphanage underneath the factory) and voiced his hopes that the facility would enrich all who entered, concluding life was meaningless without smiles and joy. (It's likely this speech was the inspiration for the Smiling Critters' creation.)

Between the 1970s and 1990s, Ludwig displayed a reclusive and bizarre nature that was noticed by his neighbors. They often observed Elliot depart from his home and return at ungodly hours, but were unsure of why.


Sometime in the 1990s, Elliot Ludwig passed away, leaving behind a legacy of high-quality toys and joyful children. This legacy, however, was questioned, upon the gruesome discovery of an eviscerated young child in his estate. Following the discovery, Playtime Co. rose in defense of their founder and expressed an eagerness to clear his good name. Elliot Ludwig's suspicious behavior before his death, however, only fueled the flames of controversy.


  • Elliot Ludwig is canonically divorced in 1930, as per the Game Jolt event.
  • Elliot Ludwig appears to be affiliated with the Bigger Bodies experiments, particularly Huggy Wuggy.
    • The Experiment 814 note found in his office during Chapter 2 demonstrates this.
    • In the Chapter 3 Teaser Trailer, Ludwig says that "they owe everything to children", as their "company and its toys are nothing without them."
  • Elliot Ludwig appears to have been inspired by Walt Disney as well as [Kirk Christiansen].



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