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The Locations are multiple rooms that can be found throughout the Playtime Co. Factory. Some of these rooms contain core features, while other rooms try to prevent you from continuing your journey, having to make you solve multiple puzzles.


Name Image Description Items
Main Entrance
CH1 entrance.png
The starting point of Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze, including a reception desk (Behind that being a GrabPack-Exclusive Door), alongside with two rooms to the side. Green VHS Tape
Gift Shop
CH1 gift.png
A simple gift-shop simple ship full of Boogie Bot boxes, Candy Cat boxes, and Huggy Wuggy boxes on shelves. Alongside this, a train can be seen going in circles on the ceiling. This train includes the pattern for the Security Office. None
CH1 security.png
A security office with multiple chairs on the left, and a desk alongside a bunch of TV's on wall the desks are facing, and a separate TV sitting on a shelf. Blue VHS Tape

Blue GrabPack Hand

The Playtime Area
CH1 playtime.png
The main lobby of the Playtime Co. Factory visitors including multiple doors that will lead to rooms. (Note almost all of these rooms are unfinished and cannot be accessible at all) None
Power Room
CH1 power.png
One of the only accessible rooms in the Playtime Area that is.. A power room that we enter to turn on the Factories power. None
CH1 cubes.png
A warehouse full of toys, boxes, and the Red GrabPack Hand which you must aquire by collecting the Power Circuits Power Circuits

Red GrabPack Hand

Ventilation System
CH1 vents.png
A enclosed system with multiple doors, lights, etc. Sometimes some broken toys will drop down on you. Some of these toys will include Cat-Bee parts, Boogie Bot parts, Bron parts. None
CH1 friend.png
The Make-A-Friend machines are an old mechanism that was used by Playtime Co. This machine was used for kids and adopted orphans to leave with a toy, for remembrance of the facility and to create a way for visitors to support and increase trust for the factory. Cat-Bee Toy
Vent Chase
CH1 chase.png
Vent Chase is an event and enclosed system route the player takes to escape Huggy Wuggy. It mostly includes the same thing as the Ventilation System with "A enclosed system with multiple doors, lights, etc." None
Poppy Room
CH1 poppy.png
The Poppy Room contains an exterior and an interior. The Exterior is a long catwalk containing multiple pipes and wires. The Interior of the Poppy Room is meant to represent a child's room. Poppy's Room is a room greeted with dim, pink lights alongside multiple colorful pillows on the floor. Poppy will also be in a case which you must open. None

Name Image Description Items
Elliot Ludwig's Office
ElliotLudwig office.png
A locked office that must be opened with a Poppy themed key. This room contains a old-timey wooden room with many references to Playtime Co. and their mascots. Elliot Ludwig Biography
Empty Closet
Empty1 Closet.png
A empty closet which must be located to access Elliot Ludwig's Office by grabbing the Poppy Key. Poppy Key
Collapsed Hallway
Fallen hallway.png
A tutorial on how to use your GrabPack as a grappling hook. Majority of the floor is completely missing, leading down to the darkness of the underground causing you to die if you fall. None
AfterOffice puzzle.png
A secret room that can be accessed once pushing a slightly exposed vent door in Elliot Ludwig's Office. The room contains a variety of abandoned utilities that cannot be used. None
Power Room
Another power room similar to Chapter 1's Power Room. Required to open the Game Station Hallway. None
Game Station Hallway
A main event where we encounter Mommy Long Legs after she kidnaps Poppy. Mommy offers us to play her "game." We inevitably accept None
Game Station
MainGame station.png
GameStation panel.png
The main hub of the chapter that we must visit multiple times to locate Musical Memory, Statues, and Wack-a-Wuggy that are key to escaping the factory with the train. None
Molding Room
Hand room.png
A manufacturing area dedicated to making a Green GrabPack Hand so you can go through complex puzzles with ease. Lime VHS Tape

Green GrabPack Hand

Musical Memory
CymbalBunny puzzle.png
One of the puzzles Mommy Long Legs makes us complete to get the Train code. In this puzzle, we must click the right color when it pops up on a TV. None
Rejected Isle
Dinosaur puzzle.png
A messy warehouse full of rejected toy concepts, accidental or failed toy creations, and more that is located in order to return to the Game Station Cyan VHS Tape
Whack puzzle.png
One of the puzzles Mommy Long Legs makes us complete to get the Train code. In this puzzle, you must Wack Huggy Buddies as they slowly crawl through the walls. None
Cart Corridors
Barry tunnels.png
The Cart Corridors are tunnels that we must navigate to push a cart into a boarded wall, allowing us to progress. Blue VHS Tape
Catepillar puzzle.png
One of the puzzles Mommy Long Legs makes us complete to get the Train code. In this puzzle, you must only walk when the lights are off, and stand still similar too a statue when the lights are on. None
Water Treatment
Water puzzle.png
A area you must navigate to gain access back to obtain the Bunzo toy, and navigate yourself to the Rundown Chase. Dark Green VHS Tape

Bunzo Bunny toy

Collapsed Breaker Room
BreakerRoom puzzle.png
Two rooms separated by a large hole in the floor which consists of many power boxes and power beams. Must be taken to get access to the Incinerating Room. Red VHS Tape
Incinerating Room
A large, burning furnace that we use to mold the Gear to progress though the rundown rooms. Gear
A series of rundown, abandoned rooms you must rush through to escape and defeat Mommy Long Legs before she defeats you. None
Bay 09
7 fly in a web bay 9.jpg
A rusty area full of mechanical wiring and pipes. We take this route to locate back to the Game Station to save Poppy Gray VHS Tape
Train Station
The ending of Chapter 2: Fly in a Web. You must take the train, punch in the code, and leave. Will you successfully leave? None

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