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This article may contain information that is disturbing or triggering for some audiences. Please proceed with caution!

Reason: Damaged Cat-Bee has blood all over it, plus its left eye is ripped out.


You need to get out of here... *giggles* Just kidding! Go have fun!
Cat-Bee's cutout.

Cat-Bee is a toy produced by Playtime Co., which debuted in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime. She was created between the late 1980s to early 1990s.[1] The Player is required to make a Cat-Bee toy using the Make-A-Friend machine, and scan the toy to unlock a door to exit the room.


Cat-Bee is introduced when The Player creates a new toy in the Make-A-Friend machine, just before the Vent Chase. She also makes an appearance in the Chapter 1 trailer by Poppy's Room, where she was shown to be damaged and hung. Her back right forelimb and tail appear to have been ripped off, and her exterior has splatters of blood on it.

The undamaged form of Cat-Bee resembles a four-legged yellow cat featuring black stripes and two antennas. To the farther side of the two antennas are cat ears. Cat-Bee has a white snout, black nose, thin brown eyebrows, two black eyes with eyelashes, and 4 black stripes on her face (one on each cheek, and two atop her head, lining up with the antenna). She has a white scruff on her chest, as well as a cat-like tail (with black stripes) and light blue bee wings.


  • Cat-Bee is the only toy in Chapter 1 who didn't have a poster, although Cat-Bee toys can be found scattered around the factory. She did however get two posters in Chapter 2.
  • On the cameras on the Playtime Co. Security Feed, in the Playtime Area, a damaged Cat-Bee appeared shortly before being dragged out of view a few days later.
  • Cat-Bee is the only toy to not be included in the Digital Collectible Campaign.
  • Cat-Bee is the first toy in the Kitty Cat collection. She is also the first Swap-imal that we see in the game.



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